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How Can Rust Damage a Car?, East Rochester, New York
If you see rust on your car, you may wonder if it's necessary to visit an auto body shop to remove the unsightly marks. However, rust causes more problems for your vehicle than making it unattractive. Here's a brief guide to help more
5 Common Causes of Car Dents, East Rochester, New York
Dents are common and frustrating problems for many car owners, but some are avoidable. Being able to identify some of the most common causes of dents makes it easier to work around these situations. If your car gets damaged, you can more
Rochester, NY Auto Body Repair & Painting Businesses
Bob Hastings Collision, Collision Shop, Auto Detailing, Auto Body Repair & Painting, East Rochester, New York
110 Despatch Dr
East Rochester, NY 14445
(585) 383-8150
While the aftermath of an accident is often stressful, the guidance of Bob Hastings Collision makes the process smoother. Offering top-notch auto body repair services to all types of vehicles — including cars, vans, trucks, and RVs ...
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4 Levels of Classic Car Restoration, East Rochester, New York
Whether you’ve been searching for a classic car for decades or recently inherited one, your next step is likely restoration. Depending on your intentions, there are different levels more
3 Signs You Need Fresh Automotive Paint, East Rochester, New York
Automotive paint does more than just make your car look good. In fact, it protects the metal from rust and maintains the vehicle value. To ensure these benefits, head to an more
3 Steps to Take After a Fender Bender, East Rochester, New York
Even if you’re careful on the road, a fender bender can occur at any time. Although these accidents may not cause serious damage or injury, taking the right steps afterward is more
5 Steps Involved in Auto Detailing, East Rochester, New York
Auto detailing is the process of meticulously cleaning a vehicle to achieve a show-quality level of polish. This process is far more involved than simply having a routine interior more
3 Reasons to Repair Car Scratches, East Rochester, New York
Even the savviest drivers sometimes experience road incidents. One of the most common results of these accidental brushes with other vehicles is unsightly scratches. While this may more
4 Common Causes of Accidents in the Spring, East Rochester, New York
Winter is finally tapering off, and spring is about to begin. With it comes warmer days, leading to more animals and people enjoying the outdoors again. While beautiful, the season& more
What You Need to Know About Automotive Paint, East Rochester, New York
Keeping your car pristine is tricky when there are so many external influences that can damage your automotive paint. Luckily, routine maintenance can protect your vehicle's more
3 Benefits of Auto Detailing, East Rochester, New York
Drivers take pride in the appearance of their cars, both inside and out. However, as the paint, trim, and interior begin to show their mileage and age, you may become less satisfied more
Do's & Don’ts to Avoid Parking Lot Scratches, East Rochester, New York
Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets, so you likely want to keep it in the best possible condition. While minor scuffs can often be addressed through paint scratch more
3 Ways to Protect Your Car Paint This Winter, East Rochester, New York
The cold weather and heavy snow of Upstate New York can take their toll on your car as you drive through the conditions every day. However, while you may only be concerned about more
3 Reasons to Repair Auto Body Dents Right Away, East Rochester, New York
It's no secret that dents make a vehicle less visually appealing, leading many drivers to feel self-conscious about operating a car that's full of dings, bumps, and indentations. more
3 Ways Your Automotive Paint Might Get Scratched, East Rochester, New York
Scratches on your car’s body aren’t just unsightly. They can also lower the value of your car and expose the underlying metal to the weather. As a result, you might see premature more
How to Choose the Right Automotive Paint for Your Car, East Rochester, New York
When repainting a vehicle, selecting a suitable color can be a challenging task. Whichever automotive paint you choose, you’ll face your decision every time you go for a drive. That’ more
What to Know About Auto Detailing, East Rochester, New York
Although a car wash will remove surface grime from your car, it needs auto detailing to be considered thoroughly clean. Most experts recommend that you have it done every four to more
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