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Junking a Car Ruined by Flooding, Goshen, Ohio
Floods can cause severe damage to a car. Even a small amount of water can get inside your car’s engine or gas tank and cause trouble. If a flood has turned your vehicle into a junk car, it’s best to turn it in for scrap metal more
4 Stages of Scrap Metal Recycling, Goshen, Ohio
Scrap metal recycling is a beneficial process that allows for reusing metals instead of consuming too many limited resources. It’s a complex process that starts the moment metal is brought to a recycling center. This guide provides more
Goshen, OH Scrap Metal Businesses
Phipps Auto Parts, Recycling, Auto Parts, Scrap Metal, Goshen, Ohio
10429 Cozaddale-Murdock Rd.
Goshen, OH 45122
Unwanted vehicles in your yard or commercial property are unsightly and waste valuable space. Thankfully, residents in Goshen, OH, have Phipps Auto Parts & Towing to trade unused vehicles for cash—and they’ll even tow ...
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The 5 Most Valuable Salvageable Auto Parts, Goshen, Ohio
Old cars that are no longer fit to drive are great for recycling, especially for scrap metal. If you are ready to get rid of your junk car, there are a few valuable parts you may more
A Guide to Non-Ferrous Metal , Goshen, Ohio
Whether you are thinking about taking that old car to the salvage yard or you have scrap metal left over after a home improvement project, one of the first things recycling more
Key Differences Between Salvage Titles & Junk Cars, Goshen, Ohio
Many people can’t separate junk cars from vehicles that have a salvage title. While they may seem very similar, there are key differences between the two types of vehicles. These more
3 Myths About Selling Your Car to a Junkyard, Goshen, Ohio
If you have a car that’s getting old or doesn’t run, the best option is to sell it to a junkyard. Some people overlook this option because of mistaken ideas about junkyards, or they more
A Guide to Junk Cars and What to Do with Them, Goshen, Ohio
It can be difficult to admit when your favorite vehicle transitions from a reliable ride to a junk car. However, at a certain point in every vehicle’s life, it more
A Guide to Repairing Versus Scrapping Damaged Vehicles, Goshen, Ohio
When an older vehicle breaks down, drivers are faced with two options. Either pay to have it repaired or take it to a junkyard and upgrade to a new car. However, it’s not always more
5 Steps to Take Before Scrapping Your Old Car, Goshen, Ohio
Having a vehicle that is beyond repair may seem like a problem, but you can take it to a junkyard to sell for cash. Salvage yards will pay you for junk cars because they can more
A Guide to Buying Used Auto Parts, Goshen, Ohio
Keeping your car in running condition should be one of your top priorities. Before you send a problem car to the junkyard, remember that some issues can be narrowed down to a more
What Does It Mean If a Car Is Totaled?, Goshen, Ohio
The outcome of an auto wreck can depend on many factors, such as weather conditions, speed, and location. Sometimes, you can drive away with nothing but a scratch or small dent. In more
3 Tips for Recycling Scrap Metal, Goshen, Ohio
There are a lot of benefits to recycling scrap metal. It puts extra cash in your pocket and helps keep reusable iron, brass, copper, and steel out of landfills. Here is a guide to more
3 Signs You Need to Junk Your Car, Goshen, Ohio
If your old vehicle’s best days are in the rearview mirror, it may be time for an upgrade. Rather than going through the trouble of trading in or selling the vehicle, you might opt more
3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Scrap Metal, Goshen, Ohio
Homeowners, businesses, warehouses, and manufacturers all make extra money by selling scrap metal and used auto parts. Salvage yards and scrap metal recycling centers more
What Happens to Recycled Scrap Metal?, Goshen, Ohio
If you have a damaged appliance, recycling the scrap metal can help you earn some extra cash. Recycling also offers environmental benefits. For example, the materials won’ more
Common Household Items You Can Recycle, Goshen, Ohio
When you’re remodeling, upgrading your living spaces, or planning a move, finding a sustainable and responsible way to dispose of unwanted items is highly encouraged. However, many more
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