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5 Best Tips for Grilling the Perfect Cheeseburger, Connersville, Indiana
The smell of grilling and the sound of the burgers sizzling usually mean it’s the start of summer. While you can grill your burgers to perfection in half the time using a propane grill, make sure the tank is full before getting more
3 Reasons You Should Use a Propane-Powered Fireplace, Connersville, Indiana
When you want to heat your home for the winter and enjoy a pleasant ambiance at the same time, a fireplace is the natural choice. Using one that’s powered by propane gas—as opposed to electricity or wood—offers you a multitude of more
Fayette, IN Propane and Natural Gas Businesses
Murphy's Gas Co. Inc., fuel delivery, Wholesale Gasoline Distributor, Propane and Natural Gas, Connersville, Indiana
2838 E. State Road 44
Connersville, IN 47331
(800) 284-9585
When homes, farms and businesses across Southeastern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio are looking for a quality propane distributor, they turn to Murphy’s Gas Co. Inc. Located in Connersville, IN, this family owned and operat...
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3 Home Needs That Propane Can Be Used to Heat, Connersville, Indiana
Propane is an efficient natural resource that can be used to handle all of your home’s heating needs. It’s much more cost-effective and quicker to heat than electric systems. Once more
3 Environmental Benefits of Propane, Connersville, Indiana
When it comes to selecting which type of fuel you use for your home, it helps to weigh the pros and cons of each option. In addition to how your fuel choice affects household more
4 Areas You Shouldn't Store Propane, Connersville, Indiana
Propane is useful for everything from heating your home’s water supply to drying your laundry. As such, you likely have extra tanks of it handy if one of your appliances needs more more
3 Propane Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids, Connersville, Indiana
Used for everything from cooking to keeping warm, propane is quickly becoming essential for many households. However, because it’s flammable, handling the tank must be done with more
3 Reasons to Use a Propane Fireplace, Connersville, Indiana
Severe winter storms can cause electricity outages in many parts of the country. If you rely on space heaters, electric blankets, and HVAC equipment for warmth, the power more
3 Reasons to Use Propane for Your Fireplace, Connersville, Indiana
Your fireplace doesn’t just keep you warm throughout the cold Indiana winter. It also provides a gathering place for family and friends, as well as an area for you to relax. You more
How to Prepare Your Propane-Heated Home for Winter, Connersville, Indiana
To make it through the long, cold winter, you need a propane tank you can rely on. Before the temperatures drop, take time to perform a few vital maintenance steps. The following more
5 Ways Propane Is Crucial to Modern Farming, Connersville, Indiana
When you run a farm, you rely on a wide assortment of machines, appliances, and tools. Since many of them run on propane, it’s also important to have a reliable source of the fuel. more
How Propane Can Help You Go Green, Connersville, Indiana
Propane is a clean-burning gas that can be used in a variety of ways on your property. Versatile and environmentally friendly, choosing propane gas will make going green a lot more
Why Using a Propane Grill Is Healthier Than Charcoal, Connersville, Indiana
As you get started with your grilling this summer, you should use propane as your fuel source rather than charcoal. It is the more environmentally friendly option, which more
4 Factors to Help You Find the Best Propane Delivery, Connersville, Indiana
Finding the best company for propane delivery takes careful research, but these efforts pay off in the long run. If you’re shopping with particular points more
Why Is Propane Important in Farming?, Connersville, Indiana
From harvesting wheat to irrigating vegetable crops used for salad ingredients, much of the food your family consumes is grown on farmland throughout the country. Often, the propane more
3 Reasons You Should Get a Propane Refill in the Off-Season, Connersville, Indiana
Staying on top of regular propane refills during the winter is a must for homes that rely on propane heat. However, now is the time of the year to double-check your tank, so you’re more
The Major Differences Between Propane & Diesel Explained, Connersville, Indiana
For anyone who’s looking to save money on energy, it’s important to examine the pros and cons of propane and diesel. In a world where it seems like prices are constantly rising as more
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