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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Gas Company, Piedmont, Alabama
Trying to choose the right gas company can be a bit intimidating. You want reliability when it comes to something as important as fuel for your home or business. There are many options available, so how do you know which is best for you? more
3 Types of Propane Gas Explained, Piedmont, Alabama
Propane gas is one of the most popular fuels on the market. It’s a clean-burning, low-carbon form of liquid petroleum that’s used in everything from heating up homes and businesses to powering backup propane generators and running a more
Calhoun, AL Propane and Natural Gas Businesses
Superior Gas Inc., Energy Suppliers, Propane and Natural Gas, Piedmont, Alabama
702 Memorial Drive
Piedmont, AL 36272
(256) 447-9075
As one of the most versatile forms of energy available today, propane gas is popularly used by Alabama residents to power furnaces, water heaters, generators, cooktops, and many other appliances. It’s found in homes throughout the state,...
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5 Tips for Propane Safety During the Holidays, Piedmont, Alabama
As the holidays draw near and the temperature drops, you may be excited about baking with family, cozying up near the fireplace, and decorating your beautiful evergreen tree. more
5 Benefits of Propane School Buses, Piedmont, Alabama
Although not all school buses are powered by propane gas, the fuel source is quickly growing in popularity. As the desire to reduce carbon footprints and do better for the planet more
4 Ways to Prepare Your Propane Home for the Colder Months, Piedmont, Alabama
Homes that run on propane gas enjoy top-notch efficiency. As the winter draws near, it’s important to prepare your propane home for the colder weather so that you can continue more
3 Benefits of Using Propane for Your New Home, Piedmont, Alabama
When you build a new home, you will be faced with all kinds of decisions about your new house’s infrastructure, including how you will heat the home and provide cooking fuel. While more
3 Ways a Gas Stove Makes Cooking Easier, Piedmont, Alabama
Whether you’re an avid home cook or just need to buy a new stove because you’re remodeling, you’re probably juggling the pros and cons of electric and gas ranges. There’s a reason more
Should You Choose an Above-Ground or Underground Propane Tank?, Piedmont, Alabama
When installing a propane tank, you naturally have to decide where to place it. It can be installed above or under the ground—as long as it’s compliant with local more
5 Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage, Piedmont, Alabama
Whether a bad storm or an accident takes out transformers in your neighborhood, a power outage can be quite inconvenient. From having necessities on hand to installing a gas more
How to Host a Successful Summer Barbecue, Piedmont, Alabama
It’s a special treat to gather your friends and family for a summer barbecue, giving everyone the chance to catch up and enjoy the weather. If you’re a new homeowner or have more
3 Grill Tips for the Unseasoned Backyard Chef, Piedmont, Alabama
The fact that you’ve never tried your hand at outdoor cooking on a gas grill before shouldn’t stop you from starting now. Anyone can become a backyard chef with the right knowledge more
3 Reasons Your Home Would Benefit From a Gas Generator, Piedmont, Alabama
When a severe storm blows through, power outages are always a possibility. While losing power can sometimes be a mere inconvenience, it can pose significant problems to many, more
3 Top Advantages of Gas Stoves, Piedmont, Alabama
When remodeling your kitchen or replacing major appliances, you’ll need to decide between a gas and electric stove. Gas stoves are incredibly popular and are often the choice of more
3 Reasons Natural Gas Is Important to the Future of Energy, Piedmont, Alabama
Natural gas is already on the cusp of becoming the dominant fuel in the 21st century, making today cleaner in an era of environmental consciousness. The ever-expanding global more
Commonly Asked Questions About Propane Gas, Piedmont, Alabama
With winter upon us, you’re likely thinking about how you’ll keep your home warm during the cold months without breaking your bank account. Propane gas is an inexpensive more
5 Benefits of Natural Gas in Your Home, Piedmont, Alabama
If you need to supply your home with heat and your appliances with power, natural gas is one of the most beneficial ways to do it. This convenient fuel supply provides a number of more
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