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3 Top Industrial Uses of Diesel, Honolulu, Hawaii
Diesel accounts for about 21% of U.S. transportation fuel, powering trucks with large engines, boats, and public buses, but there are several industries that rely on this fuel to facilitate essential operations. Since it o...read more
4 Ways to Use Propane at Home, Honolulu, Hawaii
Propane is a fossil fuel that’s used in both residential and commercial sectors. Manufacturers harvest it along with other hydrocarbons, and they use natural gas processing and oil refining to separate the final product. Pressurized cont...read more
Honolulu, HI Fuel Oil & Coal Businesses
Fuelman Inc., fuel delivery, fuel, Fuel Oil & Coal, Honolulu, Hawaii
770 Mapunapuna Street
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 842-3835
Whether you’re planning on having the whole neighborhood over for a barbecue or you need diesel fuel for your commercial truck, it’s important to make sure you have an adequate supply. Fuelman, Inc. provides propane tanks and a variety o...
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A Quick Guide to Diesel Fuel, Honolulu, Hawaii
The world runs on diesel fuel, which powers everything from fleets of cargo trucks to construction equipment and passenger vehicles. The discovery of diesel fuel spurred th...read more
A Guide to Disposing Used Propane Tanks, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you’ve spent a propane tank and are ready to toss it out, it’s important to stick with best practices. The compressed gas makes them too dangerous to put in the trash, and they ...read more
The Importance of Diesel Fuel Quality, Honolulu, Hawaii
Not all diesel is created equal; some fuel types are of a much higher quality than others. Diesel fuel quality has a significant impact on your equipment’s efficiency and reliability...read more
Why Do Internal Combustion Engines Need Lubrication?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Repairing an engine can be expensive. To avoid this extra cost, it pays to be fastidious about performing proper maintenance. Renewing oil levels increases the engine’s life span and...read more
How to Optimize Your Marine Lubricant With Castrol®, Honolulu, Hawaii
Like your car, your marine vessel requires proper maintenance to perform at its best. One of the most important elements in marine vessel maintenance is choosing the proper engine lu...read more
How Is Propane Manufactured?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Propane is a natural fuel most commonly used for cooking, heating, and powering equipment such as lawn mowers and forklifts. While it is found naturally in the earth, there is a long...read more
4 Common Fuel Bunkering Mistakes, Honolulu, Hawaii
Bunkering, or the storage of fuel in a large vessel for a maritime journey, requires careful preparation. Both gas and diesel fuel are highly flammable liquids, and incorrect st...read more
What Is the Shelf Life of Propane?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Because diesel fuel and gasoline have a limited shelf life, you might be wondering about propane. How long can you safely store it? If you’ve had some propane for a while, it&nb...read more
What Is Propane & Why Is It Beneficial?, Honolulu, Hawaii
One of the most versatile fuel options on the market, propane is used for a wide range of purposes, from heating your stove and fireplace to powering forklifts and gen...read more
3 Benefits of Wet Hosing Fueling, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you own a business that operates and maintains a fleet of vehicles, you likely have to refuel them often. Wet hosing, the process of filling up commercial trucks or cars usin...read more
3 Most Common Types of Bunker Fuel, Honolulu, Hawaii
Because ocean-going vessels make port in and travel through waters governed by various jurisdictions with different environmental concerns, they must sometimes switch fuels to comply...read more
What You Need to Know About Propane, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many appliances are powered by gas, and propane is one of the top fuel sources to consider. The gas is popular in homes across the country, helping to increase heating leve...read more
3 Safety Tips for At-Home Fuel Storage & Usage, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many people rely on fuel to power their furnaces, stoves, and other home appliances. The substance is highly flammable, however, which is why the professionals at Fuelman in Hon...read more
An Easy Guide to Proper Diesel Fuel Storage, Honolulu, Hawaii
With large fluctuations in fuel prices, those with diesel fuel needs and many companies that use commercial vehicles have to rethink their strategies. One solution is to buy in bulk ...read more
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