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How Do Central Air Conditioners Work?, Thomaston, Connecticut
Your air conditioner is a complex system that works hard to keep your home cool. Knowing how it operates and what it needs to function correctly will help you prevent breakdowns and unplanned calls to an HVAC contractor. Here’s what...read more
3 Reasons AC Maintenance Is Important in Late Summer, Thomaston, Connecticut
Having a functioning AC unit is crucial for safety in the summer. However, there are steps you must take to ensure it remains as functional as it was when it was first installed by an HVAC contractor. After being subjected to heavy use f...read more
Torrington, CT Fuel Oil & Coal Businesses
Musco Fuel & Propane , Fuel Oil & Coal, Propane and Natural Gas, home heating, Wolcott, Connecticut
585 Wolcott Road
Wolcott, CT 06716
Connecticut residents know that winter seasons mean some real low temperatures and some serious snow. With winter storms capable of causing freezing temperatures, it can feel like warmer weather will never come again soon enough, but a...
Thomaston Oil, Heating & Air, HVAC Services, Fuel Oil & Coal, Thomaston, Connecticut
401 McMahon Dr
Thomaston, CT 06787
(860) 283-4878
Are looking for a knowledgeable and trusted HVAC contractor who can also provide oil delivery for your equipment? For families living in Litchfield County, CT, they can rely on the talented and experienced team at Thomaston Oil. For over...
Patterson Oil Company, Propane and Natural Gas, fuel delivery, Fuel Oil & Coal, Torrington, Connecticut
100 Lincoln Ave
Torrington, CT 06790
Since 1922, Patterson Oil Company has been serving the residents of the greater Torrington area. The company is the region's preferred fuel and oil suppliers and has a long track record of providing exceptional products, convenient deliv...
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4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking, Thomaston, Connecticut
Because your air conditioner's refrigerator coil is a cold surface, humidity from the air constantly condenses on it whenever the AC is on, creating a surprising amount of water that...read more
How Do Pets Affect Your HVAC unit?, Thomaston, Connecticut
While a pet and your HVAC unit may seem completely unrelated at first thought, cats and dogs can impact these systems. The more you know about how their presence affects your air con...read more
What to Do If Your AC Unit Goes Out This Summer, Thomaston, Connecticut
The last thing most homeowners want to deal with on a hot summer day is a broken air conditioner. However, systems that are older or overworked can experience issues. If this happens...read more
3 Common Reasons That Air Conditioners Overheat , Thomaston, Connecticut
When your air conditioner is keeping you cool in the summer, the last thing you want is for it to overheat. In addition to signaling poor energy-efficiency, overheating can cause sys...read more
What Your HVAC Contractor Wants You to Know About Air Filters, Thomaston, Connecticut
When it comes to caring for your home heating and air conditioning, you typically rely on an HVAC contractor to provide maintenance and repair work. However, part of keeping your sys...read more
3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Dying, Thomaston, Connecticut
On a sweltering summer’s day, the last thing you want to deal with is a malfunctioning air conditioning system. Fortunately, most AC systems offer clues of trouble in the months and ...read more
The Facts About SEER Ratings, Thomaston, Connecticut
SEER ratings, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio ratings, are used to determine the ratio of cooling output of an air conditioning unit over the season divided by the energy us...read more
3 Tips for Keeping the Temperature Low & Cooling Costs Lower , Thomaston, Connecticut
Now that summer’s getting started, your air conditioner is probably running at full capacity—and your utility bills are going to show it. Thankfully, there are all kinds of stra...read more
3 Ways to Increase Your HVAC System’s Energy Efficiency, Thomaston, Connecticut
Homeowners spend a substantial portion of their monthly utility bills on heating and cooling. So, when looking for ways to be more energy efficient around the home, this is often the...read more
3 Simple HVAC Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Thomaston, Connecticut
Your home’s ventilation system could be home to contaminants such as mold spores, dust mites, and bacteria. When those materials continually circulate through your home’s air supply,...read more
Why It's Important to Schedule Offseason Heating Oil Delivery, Thomaston, Connecticut
With spring blooming in Connecticut, many homeowners assume they can ignore their heating oil until next winter. However, allowing your heating oil tank to sit empty can actually hav...read more
How Humidity Affects Your HVAC System, Thomaston, Connecticut
As any HVAC contractor will attest, humidity is one of the most important factors in temperature control and home comfort. The amount of moisture in the air directly impacts the effi...read more
The Do's & Don’ts of Central Air Conditioner Maintenance, Thomaston, Connecticut
Your central air conditioning system plays a vital role in ensuring your year-round comfort. Performing regular maintenance and scheduling tune-ups with an HVAC contractor are instru...read more
How to Prepare Your AC for Warm Weather, Thomaston, Connecticut
As temperatures rise, you’ll soon be relying heavily on your air conditioner. Since it’s been idle all winter, you’ll need to take a few steps to prime it for regular use. Along with...read more
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