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What Is the Shore Hardness Scale?, Tustin, California
The Shore Hardness Scale is the international standard for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastic, and many non-metallic materials. Hardness, measured on a Shore A or D scale, is a material’s resistance to surface penetration. more
A Guide to Using Polyurethane Foam for Boats, Tustin, California
Commonly used for gap filling, insulation, and flotation, polyurethane foam can be beneficial for professional boat repairers and owners alike. Ultra-buoyant and lightweight two-part polyurethane foam is excellent as a large cavity more
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BJB Enterprises Inc, Manufacturing, Tustin, California
14791 Franklin Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 734-8450
When you run a manufacturing business, you need a trusted partner you can turn to when you need molds and casting supplies. Since 1970, BJB Enterprises, Inc. has been an industry leader offering polyurethane, silicone, and epoxy products...
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3 Ways Polyurethane Keeps Your Boat on the Water, Tustin, California
Millions of Americans enjoy boating each year. One reason why this activity has stayed so popular is thanks to improvements in technology, and polyurethane is a big part more
How Polyurethane Revolutionized the Textile Industry, Tustin, California
Polyurethane is a versatile plastic product that has dozens of applications across virtually all industries. Because of its lightweight durability, its creation had more
A Guide to Creating Polyurethane Resin Eyes for Taxidermy, Tustin, California
Taxidermy is as much an art as it is a science. To give a bird, fish, or deer an animated appearance, the taxidermist must consider everything from the musculature to natural more
How the Electronics Industry Depends on Polyurethane Resin, Tustin, California
Electronics are an ever-present part of modern life, so they’re easily taken for granted. However, the circuit boards and other delicate components in cell phones, computers, and more
How Polyurethane Makes the Aerospace Industry Possible, Tustin, California
Today’s aerospace industry is making incredible advancements, powered in part by high-grade polyurethane and other sophisticated materials. These substances have certain properties more
4 Ways Polyurethane Makes the Sports Industry Possible, Tustin, California
From footballs to ski poles, every piece of sporting equipment needs to withstand a lot, including extreme temperatures, high-speed impacts, and constant friction. With its unique more
What's the Difference Between Tin & Platinum Silicone Molds?, Tustin, California
Rapid Prototypers, Small businesses, Special Effects Artists, and Inventors of all kinds rely on silicone molds to shape their creations thanks to their versatility and ability to more
How Polyurethane Keeps Roller Coasters Safe, Tustin, California
Many people love to ride roller coasters, so these contraptions must be secure. Polyurethane plays a crucial role in roller coaster safety, comprising a variety of components more
How Polyurethane Will Enhance Your Haunted Attraction, Tustin, California
Polyurethane, also known as PUR or PU, is a plastic, rubber, or foam material. Its versatility and moldability has made it the material of choice to enhance big budget sets and more
Polyurethanes in Taxidermy, Tustin, California
To preserve and display wildlife of all sizes, from small bird heads to medium-sized fish bodies to large deer antlers, taxidermists rely on a variety of polyurethanes. These liquid more
How the Aerospace Industry Depends on Polyurethane, Tustin, California
The aerospace industry uses some of the most advanced materials in the world to develop passenger aircrafts, fighter jets, and satellites that push the limits of modern more
How Is Polyurethane Utilized in the Automotive Industry?, Tustin, California
5 Ways Polyurethane Is Used in the Automotive Industry Polyurethane is a plastic polymer that’s used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, including car parts, more
Why Prototypes Are Crucial, Tustin, California
When you’re developing a new product, getting to a finished form is not a single-step process. Companies go from an idea to a realized entity by creating a prototype, or a more
How Is Polyurethane Utilized in the Medical Industry?, Tustin, California
Polyurethane is a plastic polymer that’s used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, including car parts, mattresses, shoe soles, and a variety of medical more
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