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A Guide to Freight Forwarding in International Trade, Honolulu, Hawaii
International trade connects countries and makes the world feel smaller, and it became possible thanks to freight forwarding. Forwarders simplify the process of transporting, and without them, the shipping of goods would& more
What Are Food Danger Zones?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Not all foods can be stored safely at room temperature because bacteria, like salmonella and E. coli, can grow when conditions fall between 40 and 140° F, known as “the danger zone.” There are several methods to keep perishable items more
Oahu, HI Shipping Centers Businesses
Unicold Corporation, Storage, Refrigerators & Freezers, Shipping Centers, Honolulu, Hawaii
3140 Ualena St.
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 836-2931
Whether you need a few packages or a bulk order, it’s important to make sure domestic and international food deliveries are properly refrigerated during the time it takes to get to your door. When people in Hawaii need convenient shipmen...
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Why Use a Freight Forwarding Service?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether your business involves importing, exporting, or both, there is one way to simplify the many logistics associated with international shipping. Freight forwarding companies more
3 Common Types of Cold Storage, Honolulu, Hawaii
Refrigerated warehouses and containers preserve perishable goods during transit or storage. Without adequate temperature control, these items can quickly succumb to more
Your Guide to Benefitting From Freight Consolidation, Honolulu, Hawaii
Businesses are naturally always looking for ways to streamline their processes to cut costs and timelines. When it comes to shipping, freight consolidation has become a popular more
5 Surprising Frozen Food Shipping Facts, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most foods can be frozen and stored or shipped for use at a later date. Freezing keeps food safe for consumption by decreasing molecule movement, so microbes such as yeast and more
5 Benefits of Ocean Freight Shipping, Honolulu, Hawaii
For millennia, people across the world have relied on ocean shipping to transport freight to distant lands. Even today, freight shipping offers some attractive benefits air travel more
3 Interesting Facts About Refrigerated Shipping, Honolulu, Hawaii
Refrigerated shipping fills a valuable need by safely transporting items that to stay fresh during transit. All types of businesses use this service every day, but they likely don’t more
5 Qualities to Look for in a Refrigerated Warehouse, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you manage supplies such as frozen food in bulk, you need a refrigerated warehouse to rely on to store your products. But what are the qualities to look out for more
5 Industries That Need Cold Storage, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many products can be damaged or destroyed when stored in higher temperatures. Having a cold storage facility is essential for many industries, especially in hot climates. Here,& more
Understanding the Health Threats of Improper Food Storage, Honolulu, Hawaii
Using a refrigerated warehouse to store frozen food is economical, efficient and safe, when executed correctly. While you may think that it’s as easy as shipping your frozen goods more
How to Prolong Food Shelf Life in a Refrigerated Warehouse, Honolulu, Hawaii
Commercial kitchens and bulk food buyers know using a refrigerated warehouse keeps their content fresh for as long as possible. Proper cold storage will not only ensure that you more
3 Tips for How to Ship Frozen Food, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you’re shipping a crate of delicious Hawaiian seafood to a friend in California or you’re running a farm that sells produce across the country, you must consider several more
7 Unexpected Foods That Benefit from Cold Storage, Honolulu, Hawaii
Cold storage is effective for keeping food fresh because it slows down natural deterioration. While many items don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator, many others more
3 Tips on How You Can Reduce Freight Costs, Honolulu, Hawaii
Freight costs can take up a large portion of a business’s budget. Even a relatively small business might be faced with exorbitant shipping fees, whether they are transporting more
Effective Ways to Maximize Quality in the Global Cold Supply Chain, Honolulu, Hawaii
Food companies and medical organizations face a number of challenges when transporting temperature-sensitive products through their cold supply chain. These companies have to more
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