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Wearable Technology January 5, 2016

Gowanus, Brooklyn
Wearable Technology, Brooklyn, New York

If you have read any of the latest fitness magazines you probably have come across some type of info on the biggest trend in the fitness industry, wearable fitness devices. It is a rapidly growing sector of the industry with tools that measure heart rate, GPS, sleep, steps, calories burned and exercise readiness to name a few. Companies like Nike, Reebok, Apple, Polar, Fitbit, Garmin and other smaller guys are fighting for market share with unique products that bring a ton of value to consumers that love to have information in the palm of their hand.

One piece of equipment that is really popular today is the heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor gives you the ability to have some external feedback while training and competing.Its been around for a while and has gained popularity with cyclists, marathoners and other endurance athletes. The monitor itself clarifies and quantifies what most people already know.. You work hard, your heart rate goes up. You work less your heart rate goes down.. The information that you get from the monitor basically tells you when you need to rest and when you need to work hard again for that given minute. Well I don't a need a monitor to tell me to work harder! Hmm, really? Ok I get that, maybe, but the monitor allows you to work both smarter and harder which wins that debate quite easily. Now we all know when we work harder we sometimes sacrifice excellent form for mere survival. Your body is going to do it, its going to work hard, its going to get there but follow the path of least resistance i.e increase risk for injury, increase risk for over training, increase risk of looking slightly funny. Tee Hee.What this means is your getting tired, not getting better. Huge Difference!

If you are training over at Body Unique or have stopped in the studio the last few weeks you will notice that we have a pretty cool technology shown on the televisions. This new piece of equipment helps us take the strength or cardio program we customized for the month and adjust it to the minute based off your heart rate using a monitor around your chest. It gives you quantitative and measurable information on how effective your workout was. During the workout you are able to see your heart rate, calories burned, My Zone Exercise Points and Heart Rate Zone. After each workout you are automatically emailed feedback and information for that given workout. It has an app that you can download so you can see the same information on your phone while outside the gym. The name of this technology is called MyZone and we feel its the best heart rate technology on the market today. The application of MyZone into your strength program means breaks when you need them and hard work when you need that. Whether you are in a group setting or training alone it is extremely specific to you, making each workout truly customized.