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Protecting Your Rights in a Divorce January 13, 2016

Chelsea, Manhattan
Protecting Your Rights in a Divorce, Manhattan, New York

Getting a divorce can be an emotional ride, however, it is important to have divorce papers handled to protect everyone’s rights throughout the process. Companies that offer legal document preparation, such as We The People in New York, NY, can assist individuals in handling their papers and protecting their personal rights throughout the process.

As soon as it has been decided that a separation or divorce is in the works, individuals are encouraged to prepare divorce papers. The consequences of waiting can be financially detrimental and impact the overall results of the case. For example, while not living with your spouse, he or she may be racking up debt or selling personal assets. Until the paperwork is filed, you may be legally responsible for these actions—including credit card debts that may have been accumulated without your knowledge.

Additionally, filing divorce papers as soon as possible can also assist you in obtaining financial support such as alimony and child support. These may change if a spouse loses their job or starts government aid such as disability, so the sooner these are filed, the more likely you can obtain the appropriate aid for you and your family.

Instead of paying top dollar for an attorney, many New York area residents decide to go with the legal document preparation service We The People. Filing paperwork as soon as possible with the guidance of a professional can make the process less stressful and allow individuals to maintain their legal rights as an individual outside of their marital relationship. Call (212) 633-2200 today to make an appointment.

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