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Meet Your New Year’s Fitness Goals With New York City’s Best Personal Trainers December 30, 2015

Gowanus, Brooklyn
Meet Your New Year’s Fitness Goals With New York City’s Best Personal Trainers, Brooklyn, New York

Every New Year means a new start and a chance to meet the goals that you have always striven for. If you would like to lose body fat, get stronger, increase energy and vitality, or train for an event, now is the time to start doing it. Body Unique, in Brooklyn, NY, is committed to helping you meet your personal goals in 2016.

Fitness doesn’t just mean losing weight and increasing your strength. Improving your body alignment and getting your muscles to work the way they were meant to will transform the quality of your life. For the personal training program, the fitness instructors at Body Unique take into consideration your medical history, commitment, and ability level to develop a customized plan. Using individually-designed exercise strategies, the personal trainers correct dysfunctional habits and create new ones; doing so then allows you to lose fat and build muscle strength.

Perhaps it is easier for you to meet your New Year’s goals with the support of your friends. Semi-private personal training is ideal for those who like to train with others. The training groups have no more than five participants per coach. In addition to meeting your personal goals, you also build flexibility, balance, and core strength.

Body Unique in Park Slope, Brooklyn, will record every set, rep and weight of every workout so that the personal trainers can tailor each session to meet your exact needs. Become a member of Body Unique’s gym to meet your New Year’s fitness goals. Call (718) 369-2500 or visit the website. Body Unique also offers a free 60-minute introductory session.