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Manhattan's premier early childhood learning center for 3 - 12 year olds, featuring FasTracKids preschool and afterschool enrichment programs, summer camp programs as well as Gifted and Talented Test prep and Eye Level Math and English small group tutoring.

Give Your Kids the Gift of a Brilliant Mind With NYC's Best Enrichment Program December 23, 2015

New York, New York
Give Your Kids the Gift of a Brilliant Mind With NYC's Best Enrichment Program, New York, New York

What are you giving your children or relatives for the holidays? Toys that will go into the closet after a month or video games that they will stare at for hours on end? How about the gift of a great mind? FasTracKids is a New York City enrichment program that provides tutoring, education and skills development for children. Drawing upon the top educational and neurological research, the program trains kids not only to succeed academically but also to develop critical thinking and creative skills.

Programs range from reading, writing and math enrichment, and homework help to those for the gifted and talented. Math enrichment addresses mathematical concepts as well as analytical and logical thinking. Reading and writing enrichment improve students’ communication, reading comprehension and editing skills. FasTracKids also offers a special program: This core enrichment program is designed to stimulate the minds of young children and operates on the premise that all children can be gifted and talented.

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FasTracKids doesn’t teach kids what to think, but how to think. They learn how to take initiative, solve problems and create. The company understands that much of a person’s cognitive development happens between the ages of infancy and eight, so it applies a comprehensive methodology to instill thinking habits that will last a lifetime. Their education incorporates all of the senses and learning styles for a holistic approach.

Certificates to New York City’s FasTracKids are offered in increments of $100, $500 and $1,000 and can be purchased with PayPal. Once you have purchased them, you can send your loved one an accessible link. Send the message that you care about his or her personal development and success, not just instant gratification.

Give your child the gift of a brilliant mind! Buy a gift certificate from FasTracKids enrichment program. Visit the website to find a location nearest you.