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Getting Rid of Mold Courtesy of Staten Island’s Most Trusted Home Insurance Company January 11, 2016

Staten Island, New York City, NY
Getting Rid of Mold Courtesy of Staten Island’s Most Trusted Home Insurance Company, Staten Island, New York

Mold in the home can cause an array of issues for inhabitants. Not only can mold growth damage interior fixtures, it can also cause significant respiratory issues if left unchecked. Fortunately, Midland Insurance Agency has what it takes to assist Staten Island residents in protecting their home and everything in it. This is due in no small part to the extensive experience of this dependable company, which has more than 15 years spent in the home insurance industry, tackling everything from homeowners coverage to flood insurance.

The first step to ridding your home of harmful mold is to know just what to look for. In general, areas replete with moisture (such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement, etc.) will be the most likely culprits. As for visual cues, the home insurance company says mold often appears as fuzzy black or white spots usually on walls, as well as on floors and ceilings. Mold can also be detected by its often musty odor, which will only increase as water damage becomes more pervasive.

Once you’ve successfully identified mold, you can then take steps toward eradicating it from your home. Washing the area with either a bleach or detergent-based solution can help remove mold and keep it from returning, although you should also take care to block things like air vents to prevent mold from spreading to other rooms. In severe cases, a professional cleaning may be required, particularly if the mold has made its way into the walls.

Your home is your most cherished asset, which is why finding a reliable home insurance company is so crucial. To this end, Midland Insurance Agency has the expertise necessary to ensure homeowners in New York City get the protection they demand when it comes to what matters most. Receive your no-charge insurance quote today by calling (347) 705-7912. You can also like them on Facebook to stay updated on all that this quality insurance agency can do for you.