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Texas Facility Offers Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Tests for Businesses December 28, 2015

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Texas Facility Offers Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Tests for Businesses , Pecos, Texas

Substance abuse has become a serious problem in our country. This nationwide epidemic has led to a dramatic increase in the number of employees suffering from harmful addictions. Luckily, your business can prevent productivity losses with routine drug and alcohol tests from Pecos Family Chiropractic & Drug Testing. Their professional staff in Pecos, TX, specializes in drug screen collection procedures, and several businesses have confided in their exceptional services. 

As a certified Breath alcohol technician, Dr. Haney has extensive experience in specialized screenings, such as hair follicle exams and DOT urine tests.Their drug testing facility is committed to protecting your company with accurate drug screens. Here are some of the tests they perform: 


  • Pre-Employment Screenings: The purpose of these screenings is to reveal the presence of any drugs or alcohol in your prospective employees. A variety of specimens can be collected for these tests, including urine, hair samples, saliva, or sweat.
  • Random Tests: Many companies choose to conduct random drug and alcohol tests. This is ideal for ensuring the safety of your staff and work environment at all times.
  • Follow-Ups: If any of your employees have a history of substance abuse, you may want to consider follow-up evaluations.

Pecos Family Chiropractic & Drug Testing also provides comprehensive health screenings. Their DOT physicals are ideal for companies in the transportation industry. These thorough screenings can detect any problematic health conditions in commercial motor vehicle operators, including physical, mental, and emotional issues. To learn more about any of their drug tests, contact them today at (432) 445-4878, or visit them online

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