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Let DOWNLITE Bedding Take the Chill Out of Heating Costs This Winter January 5, 2016

Mason, Warren
Let DOWNLITE Bedding Take the Chill Out of Heating Costs This Winter, Mason, Ohio

Winter is here and so are those chilly nights in the house, when the best course of action is to snuggle under warm bedding. In Mason, OH, the nights are a little warmer, thanks to the bedding experts at DOWNLITE. The premier, family-owned bedding company in greater Cincinnati, has all the sheets, pillows, and down comforters, you need to stay warm this winter while keeping those heating costs low.

DOWNLITE has several comforter options to help you stay toasty. There is no need to layer up in clothes to beat the cold. With DOWNLITE, you can ensconce yourself in luxurious down bedding. 

A down comforter is a natural insulator that keeps body heat inside the top layer of bedding, allowing you to stay warm the longer you're in the bed, but also providing enough ventilation to remain at a comfortable sleeping temperature.Throw in some down pillows and you’ll feel comfortable enough to shave a few degrees off your thermostat during sleeping hours, putting a significant dent in your overall heating costs.

One particular down comforter offered by DOWNLITE is called the baffle box, which has small strips of fabric connected to the front and back of the comforter. The baffle box is designed to keep the down at its fullest loft at all times, preventing cold spots from being created on the bed.

The ultimate winter option from DOWNLITE is a canopied bed, allowing you to snuggle in and keep the cold out. Simply install curtain rods along the ceiling surrounding your bed, then hang heavy fabric like blackout curtains on each rod. The curtains can be opened during the day to allow natural sunlight and warmth in, then close at night to block out the cold.

For more information about DOWNLITE and their best winter bedding selections, call them at (866) 931-3696, or visit their website. Also, stop by their other website,, for more information about how to properly care for your down bedding.