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The Dedicated Teachers at Power Brain Training Center are Experts in Focus Improvement January 6, 2016

Chantilly, Fairfax County
The Dedicated Teachers at Power Brain Training Center are Experts in Focus Improvement, Chantilly, Virginia

The dedicated, passionate team at Power Brain Training Center has one goal: To empower adults and children, helping them maximize their brain potential. With locations in Fairfax, VA, Bayside, NY, and Mesa, AZ, Power Brain Training Center combines neuroscience findings with classical Asian mind-body techniques to create a phenomenal, impactful curriculum.

When it comes to learning, focus is so important. Did you know that through physical and mental exercises, your focus will improve? That’s right—the teachers at Power Brain Training Center are experts in focus improvement, and they cannot wait to help you.

Power Brain Education is all about the mind-body connection. Did you know that emotional balance is connected to memory improvement and focus improvement? Focus is step one in the five-step Brain Education System Training. To cultivate focus, training begins with physical exercises, which are designed to stimulate circulation to the brain. Exercise also cultivates emotional wellbeing.

After physical exercises, the teachers at Power Brain Training Center will teach a variety of fun and challenging mental coordination exercises, all of which are based in the concept of “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity is an extraordinary concept, and through this concept you can help all of your brain cells communicate with more efficiency and power.

Cultivating focus is an essential part of learning. At Power Brain Training Center the teachers help people learn that their brains thrive when challenged. To learn more about the innovative methods that Power Brain Training Center implements, visit them online or call (703) 359-7282 for their Fairfax office, (718) 224-1500 for their Bayside office, or (480) 545-1013 for their Mesa office. 

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