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Anchorage’s Kids’ Dentist Explains Why You May Notice Discoloration in Your Child’s Teeth January 5, 2016

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Anchorage’s Kids’ Dentist Explains Why You May Notice Discoloration in Your Child’s Teeth, Anchorage, Alaska

To ensure you have a million-watt smile later in life, it’s important to have regular dentist appointments as a kid. When parents in Anchorage, Alaska, want the best dental care for their youngsters, they visit Alaska Dentistry for Kids, the state’s leading kids' dentist office.

For years, Dr. Chris Coplin and his team of kid’s dental care technicians have been providing patients in Anchorage with the most reliable and gentle dental care services and cleanings. Whether your little one needs an emergency children’s dentist, special needs dentistry, or just a routine checkup, Dr. Coplin is eager to talk with you about the best options.

Dr. Coplin also shares his expert advice in publications, including Alaska Parent magazine. In a recent article, Dr. Coplin was asked if it’s normal for a 9-year-old child to have a yellowish tint to their teeth. Here, Dr. Coplin outlines the reasons for yellowing teeth in children:


  • Hygiene, Illness, & Medications: There are several factors that can cause discoloration in teeth, such as infections and certain medications. A lengthy illness that causes a high fever can also affect the color of your child's teeth. Infrequent brushing is also a reason for teeth discoloration.
  • Permanent Teeth: Baby teeth are bright white, whereas permanent teeth are darker in color. When permanent teeth start to grow in, their color looks much darker next to baby teeth. Teeth also have three layers, including enamel, dentin, and cementum, which are different in baby teeth versus permanent teeth. In permanent teeth, the enamel is more transparent and the dentin is darker in color.

In most instances, Dr. Coplin says that teeth discoloration in kids is normal. If you think your child’s teeth are darker than normal, you might want to schedule an appointment with a kids' dentist to evaluate their oral health. You may notice a difference after a thorough professional cleaning. 

For help from kids' dentist in Anchorage, visit Dr. Coplin at Alaska Dentistry for Kids. Dr Coplin can provide everything from routine teeth cleaning to more extensive work like root canals. The staff also speaks Spanish. To find out how Dr. Coplin and his team can help your child, call (907) 274-2525 or visit the website for more information.

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