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How to Protect Your Tires This Winter: Advice From Richmond Hill’s Car Repair Shop January 7, 2016

Richmond Hill, Bryan
How to Protect Your Tires This Winter: Advice From Richmond Hill’s Car Repair Shop, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Tires are your vehicle's first point of contact with the road. They bear a lot of weight, dirt, salt, concrete, and so much more —and they are worth taking care of because they don't last forever. Here to advise you on keeping your tires lasting as long as possible is Wheels Autoworks, Richmond Hill, GA's leading car repair shop and used car dealership.

Follow these four tips:

  • Drive Safely: Don't slam the brakes or skid around corners, which will aggravate your tires even more and can cause the formation of cracks. Speed up and slow down more gradually, and your tires will thank you.
  • Store Your Vehicle: If you won't be driving a vehicle for a while, make sure your tires stay protected from the elements. For instance, over summer, shield them from harmful UV rays either with a cover or by keeping the vehicle in a garage. During winter, remember that tires can actually freeze when left outside without being used.
  • Store Loose Tires: If you are storing loose tires, make sure to only hang tires that mount on the rims. If you will be stacking them, you can keep white-walled or white-lettered tires clean by stacking them front-to-front / back-to-back. Your tires should also stay in a cool and dry place, like a basement or well-sealed garage.

  • Keep Weight Low: Tires can become damaged from bearing too much weight without moving. To relieve the stress, take your car out for a drive every few weeks during periods of low use.
  • Schedule Tire Inspections: The best way to make sure you tires are in good condition is to schedule a professional inspection at Wheels Autoworks. They perform tire repairs, rotations, balancing, and all other tire services. They can even change your tires.

Wheels Autoworks offers new tires with mounting and balancing as well as tire repair, oil changes, and numerous other vehicle services. To schedule an appointment in Richmond Hill, GA, call (912) 756-4006 or visit them online to learn more about how they can help you.