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Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Insurance for Your Company in Dakota County January 4, 2016

Rosemount, Dakota
Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Insurance for Your Company in Dakota County, Rosemount, Minnesota

Steve Montour of Farmers Insurance is an agent who works closely with clients and potential policy owners to discuss the best auto insurance for their specific needs. Many car insurance companies offer you "one size fits all" coverage because it is easier for them. We will take the time to look at your situation and give you the best coverage for the best premium. Many times, we can offer better coverage for less money!!!!

At Farmers Insurance, commercial clients can discuss their company's transportation needs to determine what coverage is required. Is the company car used as a personal vehicle after standard work hours? Is the vehicle only used by a company and its employees? How is the vehicle titled? There are many questions and answers to consider when you're discussing car insurance quotes with an agent, and properly addressing them can help determine the best auto insurance policy for your company.


If you are the owner of a business and the only employee who uses the vehicle, a personal automobile insurance policy should provide adequate coverage. However, vehicles owned by the business and titled in the company’s name are considered commercial vehicles and should have the appropriate liability car insurance coverage.

If you live in the area of Rosemount, Minnesota, and are considering working with a new auto insurance company to protect your investments, contact the team at Farmers Insurance and make an appointment to speak with Steve Montour. Call (651) 423-1701 to speak to an agent about liability car insurance, or visit their website to receive the best car insurance quote for your business.

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