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The Current Real Estate Market and Septic Inspections November 21, 2020

Preston, New London
The Current Real Estate Market and Septic Inspections, Preston, Connecticut

Has anyone wondered why there is an explosion in the real estate market?  There seems to be such a demand for buying homes that some “for sale” homes are only on the market advertised for only a few short hours before a deposit is accepted.  We aren’t sure if the Covid virus plays a part in this, or is it just coinsidence; either way, real estate septic inspections are in great demand.

At Abrahamson Septic LLC there are 2 types of septic inspections offered.  One is the Basic Visual, and then we have the Camera Septic inspection. With both inspections, we pump the septic tank as part of our inspection process.  You cannot accurately access the functionality of the septic tank and system if you do not pump the tank and visualize it in its entirety. These are usually required for your lending company upon the buying of a home to meet their required lineup of inspections. As the buyer you want to rule out any costly repairs needed before you decide to purchase and provide peace of mind.  Septic repairs or replacement can be costly.  So make sure you know what you are purchasing.

If you have any questions regarding Septic Inspections, call your local septic professionals at ABRAHAMSON SEPTIC LLC, your 3rd generation family owned and operated septic company.

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