Historic Downtown, New Jersey
133 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Two Boots Jersey City location opened in 2012, just across the river from Two Boots’ flagship pizza restaurant. Newark Avenue’s growing retail area now enjoys outdoor seating, comfy banquettes—soon to include wine and beer! Families, friends, and coworkers gather for fresh specialty pies like Jersey City’s own “The Boss Hague,” a combination of whole clams, Tasso, and Parmigiano.

Swing by Two Boots Pizza & Pick Up Their Famous St. Nic Holiday Pie! December 18, 2015

Historic Downtown, Jersey City
Swing by Two Boots Pizza & Pick Up Their Famous St. Nic Holiday Pie!, Jersey City, New Jersey

Two Boots Pizza is everyone's favorite local pizza delivery company. Serving up homemade pies made with the freshest ingredients, this Italian and Cajun restaurant brings the best of both worlds together under one roof. If you're looking for fast delivery, friendly service, and a cool atmosphere, drop by the nearest Two Boots Pizza tonight for an amazing meal.

imageHosting a Christmas party? Whether you're cooking an entire holiday dinner from scratch or having a New Year's Eve potluck, swing by Two Boots and pick up their famous Christmas pie: the St. Nic! Named after the scene-chewing legend Nicolas Cage, this speciality pizza features spiced shrimp, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic and jalapeño pesto on a white pie. Not your cup of tea? Check out these other pizzas available at Two Boots that would certainly hit the spot this holiday season:

  • V for Vegan: For all you vegetarians and vegans, no Christmas dinner would be complete without a meatless pie from Two Boots. This pizza features all the fixins', from artichokes and mushrooms to basil pesto and non-dairy cheese.
  • Cleopatra Jones: Sweet Italian sausage, roasted peppers, red onions & mozzarella—oh my. If you pick up this pie and show up at your friend's holiday shin-dig, they're bound to thank you for weeks to come. The #1 seller on the Two Boots menu.
  • The Bird: While chicken wings may be your Christmas Eve tradition, why not shake it up this year with this hot buffalo chicken pizza, topped with blue cheese dressing, scallions and jalapeños...

Unlike some of Nicholas Cage's movies, this pizza will NOT go directly to DVD! Place your order with Two Boots today, and visit them online to view the menu for yourself and find the nearest location.