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Local Orthodontists Discuss 3 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth December 29, 2015

Local Orthodontists Discuss 3 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth, ,

A perfectly straight smile is always an asset, and the orthodontists at Olson & White Orthodontics are ready to help you have one. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, these Florissant & O'Fallon, MO-based orthodontists have what’s necessary to give you the smile you deserve. But having a straight smile shouldn’t be all about aesthetics. In fact, you should consider their health benefits as well.

Here are three benefits of having a beautifully aligned smile:

  • Self Confidence: One of the primary reasons any person chooses to wear braces is their appearance. Oftentimes, an uneven smile may cause issues with self confidence that can only be resolved by a visit to the orthodontist. Once that smile has been realigned, patients see a boost in their self-esteem that enables them to smile with more confidence than ever before.
  • Oral Health: Believe it or not, the straighter your teeth are, the healthier your mouth is. While many patients choose to wear braces, many others are required to wear them for health reasons. In many cases, misaligned teeth can cause periodontal issues that may only get worse as the years pass. Plus, straight teeth are less likely to develop cavities or see serious wear and tear from improper alignment.
  • Longer Life Expectancy: Studies have shown that having straighter teeth correlates with a longer lifespan. The reason? Straighter teeth are easier to floss. Flossing regularly ensures that your gums remain healthy and this, in turn, can add up to seven extra years to your life expectancy.

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