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5 Tips for Attracting Woodpeckers to Your Bird Feeder November 12, 2020

Lincoln, Lancaster
5 Tips for Attracting Woodpeckers to Your Bird Feeder, Lincoln, Nebraska

Whether you're a bird watcher, passionate about maintaining the local biodiversity, or both, woodpeckers are beneficial to have in the area. They help keep your garden free from pests like beetles, carpenter ants, grubs, and wasps. However, before you buy a bird feeder and set it up in your yard, here's what you need to know.

How to Attract Woodpeckers

1. Upright Bird Feeder

When shopping for a feeder, look for upright models with a perching spot since that’s the most comfortable feeding position. Woodpeckers have two toes in the front and two in the back, so they naturally prefer to grip their landing surface. They also use their tail to brace themselves and maintain a vertical position. If you need help finding one, stick to shops specializing in birding accessories.

2. Shelled Peanuts

bird feedersWoodpeckers aren't picky eaters, so if you provide shelled, unsalted peanuts, they'll show up. However, due to the shape of peanuts, you need to make sure you have the right feeder for them. The openings in the commonly available seed tube models are too small for the birds to access the peanuts.

3. Suet

Although they aren't picky, these birds do have a varied diet. If you want to get their attention quickly, install a suet feeder. Also known as raw beef fat, suet is a high-energy nutrient source that's great for all birds, especially during the winter. Note, like it is with shelled peanuts, you'll need a specialty feeder for it.

4. Isolated Birdbath

Aside from the bird feeder and the foods you provide, you can also attract them with a birdbath. However, woodpeckers aren't as social as some other species, so the bath should be a little secluded and in a shady area. Ground bird baths with shallow basins are best.

5. Dead Trees

Don't forget about the surroundings. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, keeping dead or dying trees, also known as snags, will lure woodpeckers to the area. Not only do these structures provide food like grubs and other insects, but woodpeckers also use them for shelter and creating nests.


When you need a high-quality bird feeder designed for woodpeckers, stop by Wild Bird Habitat Store. Located in Lincoln, NE, this family-owned and -operated company has been trusted by the local community for nearly 30 years. Not only do they offer bird feeders, but they also sell the seed and other foods, including suet. You can see what they have for sale on their website or call (402) 420-2553 if you prefer to speak to someone directly.

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