Allerton, New York

Moving to NYC? Check Out The 3 Common Moving Mistakes That Most People Make! February 27, 2014

Allerton, Bronx
Moving to NYC? Check Out The 3 Common Moving Mistakes That Most People Make!, Bronx, New York

Moving in New York City can be a dreadful experience for the unprepared. While New Yorkers have the reputation for being independent, many falsely believe that they can move out of their apartment without the hired help of professional moving services. This isn't always the case! With a number of moving kits and boxes, the professionals at Patrick Moving & Storage Solutions cater specifically to the New York City market to ensure your move is as simple and convenient as possible. With the help of trained moving professionals, you can avoid any unnecessary mishaps throughout your move.

Even if you are just moving down the block, there are a few common mistakes that many people make, such as:

  • You Forget About Rush Hour: With almost 8.3 million residents in New York City, it's quite common to be stuck in traffic. This can be frustrating if you rent a truck for a certain amount of time or have a small window to move during the day.
  • No Moving Insurance: If you hire your friends, you may think you are being more careful, but in fact more broken boxes occur during independent moving than moving done by hired professionals. Additionally, if a professional mover does break a box it is covered by moving insurance.
  • Carrying Furniture: Without the proper equipment, lugging boxes from an apartment to a truck and then back again can be exhausting. If you are moving heavier and more awkward furniture, it can be next to impossible without professional help and equipment.

While New Yorkers continue to earn their tough reputation, moving boxes in this bustling city can be a nightmare. Don’t spend hours waiting in traffic or picking up the broken pieces of what used to be your TV. Hire the professional moving team at Patrick Moving & Storage Solutions before your next move. Call (718) 547-6322 for more information on moving kits throughout the five boroughs. 

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