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3 Tips For Apartment Hunting in NYC From The City's Best Moving Service April 11, 2014

Allerton, Bronx
3 Tips For Apartment Hunting in NYC From The City's Best Moving Service, Bronx, New York

Moving is never easy. Before you trust the experts at Patrick Moving & Storage to move your fragile possessions, you need to find the right place. This moving company has grown from a small operation to one of the city’s leading moving companies, and is familiar with the unique market demands for available real estate. According to Hart Research Associates, over 50 percent of all Americans believe that renting an apartment is more appealing than homeownership, and nowhere is that more apparent than in New York City. But finding an apartment can be a complex endeavor depending on your final goal.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you settle on finding the right place:

  • Do you want options? Most New Yorkers move between May and September, so for anyone looking for a wide array of options, that is the best time to browse. However this means that there will be a greater demand from renters vying for space.
  • Are you on a budget? Look for neighborhoods and spaces in your budget. Limit your search to only those places you can afford. While it may seem obvious, nothing is worse than finding an expensive place you love, signing a lease, and only later realizing that you are far beyond your budget.
  • Are your moving dates flexible? Like previously mentioned, spring is peak moving season. This means that the demand for space is higher than normal. If you are flexible will your moving dates, try and stay put until the winter. You will find better deals and be able to negotiate your rental rate better.

Regardless of when you find that perfect place, call Patrick Moving & Storage at (718) 547-6322 for the city’s most reliable moving service. Whether you are heading to the apartment down the street or to a new loft in Brooklyn, this professional moving service will safely pack and move your belongings. Trust the city’s best moving company for your next move! 

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