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Moving Out of Your College Dorm? Hire a Professional NYC Moving Company to Get The Job Done! April 29, 2014

Allerton, Bronx
Moving Out of Your College Dorm? Hire a Professional NYC Moving Company to Get The Job Done!, Bronx, New York

There are probably many things that can be said about the dorm moving process, but few can prepare you for the chaos of moving a year's worth of stuff out of a college dorm room if you're not prepared. In fact, when it comes to dorms, most students and parents face the difficult task of moving more stuff out of the dorm that has been accumulated, than initially placed during the first move in date. If you're scrambling to figure out how to move everything back home, the moving experts at Patrick Moving & Storage Solutions will outline a few things you should do to be prepared.

  • Tip #1. Compartmentalize everything: If you are faced with storing endless piles of books, clothes, and desk items, your first step in the dorm moving process should be to compartmentalize as much as you can. This will help you to stay organized, and appropriately make use of every bit of space in the car. The dorm moving process is a little different than moving from an apartment, because most students will have to also unload everything for the next year. Therefore, instead of using boxes, use plastic bins that are clear or somewhat transparent.
  • Tip #2. Throw out loose items: It is not uncommon for students to accumulate massive piles of paper, notebooks, and well, free stuff in college. If you are in the midst of gathering things to take for the ride home, and stumble across loose papers, last semester’s notebooks, or junk that can be thrown away, feel free to toss it. This will save you extra space, and hopefully an extra container! Discard anything that won’t go to good use at home, or next year.
  • Tip #3. Have a game plan for the move: Many times one of the biggest obstacles of the moving process is the move itself. If you hate being caught in the midday rush on the last day of the semester, plan ahead. Schedule your move for the day before, or pack everything up neatly prior to heading to campus with the car, so you’re in and out. You should also map out how much space you have in advance so you can plan accordingly if you’ll need to make two trips or bring things home prior to the move.

As always, if you find that the big move is a little too much to handle, seek professional moving services. This moving company also offers a number of moving and packing supplies to help lighten your load like Patrick’s Student Kit. Get it now along with other supplies online at Patrick Moving & Storage Solutions.

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