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Steps on How to Care For Handmade Furniture October 28, 2014

North Burnet, Austin
Steps on How to Care For Handmade Furniture, Austin, Texas

When you bring home your new piece of Arhaus’s furniture for the first time you are not only adding a new place of storage or an extra spot to sit, you are enhancing the elegance of your home. When a piece of furniture has the ability to truly elevate your home’s sophistication it goes without saying that you would want that piece to last. To guarantee that you’re elegant pieces of furniture withstand the test of time care must be given. These pieces of advice will help you maintain the beauty of your furniture for both the present and the future.

Make It Shine: Surprisingly enough most high-end pieces of furniture take minimal effort to clean; in fact most of the time all that is required is a little dusting or wipe down. Even when it comes to cleaning your more intricate pieces such as tile works and mosaics the only thing needed to make it look like new is a damp cloth and a few minutes of your time. While dusting and wiping will sure make your furniture a pleasure to the eyes, it is always a good idea to take your cleaning one step further on at most a monthly basis. All you need is a gentle cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water and your piece will shine for weeks to come.

Protection Is Key: In order for you to insure yourself that you get the most out of your sophisticated piece of furniture, without sacrificing its beauty, is to protect it from potential harm. Fortunately there are few rules to follow. Never place your piece in an area that receives direct sunlight for the harmful rays can cause certain materials to fade and even crack. Dry air can also create issues for your furniture by threatening its condition in a similar manner as the sun. Finally, for a guarantee that your piece looks as vibrant as the day you brought it home, apply a coat of beeswax-based polish to your wood furniture’s finish only once a year.

Repair The Wear: In spite of your best efforts to protect your piece, somehow a way is always found to injure it. If you find yourself frantic over a patch of discoloration or an unpleasant scuff more then you have come to the right place. In order to rid yourself of the light spots that appear on your wood piece or pieces all that you need to do is rub any form of light abrasive material, the discoloration will disappear. If your furniture has suffered a scratch or blemish you should buff and polish over the worn area to prevent the issue from potentially spreading. Have you recently noticed a scuffmark on what used to be a spotless piece? If so you need to polish the damaged area but only after you have removed from its rightful position.

If you follow these steps and guidelines you can be sure that the handmade and elegant furniture that serves the purpose of making your house a home remains put for long as you desire. Visit the Arhaus site and take a look to see if you wish to enhance and elevate your home even further.

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