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3 Tips for Teaching Kids About Home Security November 20, 2020

Delhi, Delaware County
3 Tips for Teaching Kids About Home Security, ,

Keeping their children safe is every parent's top priority. If your kids are old enough to be home without you or a babysitter, teaching them about home security will help ensure their safety. Below are a few areas you should discuss with them to make sure they're ready.

Home Security Topics to Cover With Your Children

1. Locking Doors

The door lock is one of the most essential elements of any security system, but kids may occasionally forget to use it. Emphasize the importance of locking the door as soon as they enter the house. Alternatively, you could invest in a smart lock that allows you to control access via a phone or tablet, which also eliminates the risk that your child will lose their keys.

2. Using the Security System

home securityModern home security systems are incredibly sophisticated, but they're still simple enough for children to use. Walk your child through every feature of the system, including how to disarm the alarms and what to do if the security company calls. They should also memorize the passcode, and make sure they know not to write it down or tell it to anyone.

3. Being Wary of Strangers

Young children are often hesitant to be rude to adults, so many will open the door if a stranger knocks. When discussing home security with your kids, stress the importance of not answering the door if you're not expecting someone to arrive, even if they recognize the person. A smart doorbell provides additional peace of mind, allowing you to monitor your front door from anywhere.


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