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4 Winter Storage Tips to Maximize Space From West Side Movers December 28, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
4 Winter Storage Tips to Maximize Space From West Side Movers, Manhattan, New York

As cold weather arrives, you might find yourself spending a lot more time in your apartment. New Yorkers are notorious for living in some of the tiniest apartments in the world. When you’re tight on space, you can use these useful winter storage tips from New York’s favorite moving company. West Side Movers specializes in all types of moving jobs including home, apartment, and office moving. They know how to keep your personal possessions organized and out of the way, and are here to offer a few tips to help with winter storage:

  • Hang Pegboards: Wall space equals storage space. You can use a pegboard to hang overly large seasonal items like your bicycle, sports equipment, or even your shoe collection.


  • Use The Backs Of Doors: Doors can do more than just open and close. Utilize the backs of your doors by attaching a wire shelving unit or a series of sturdy hooks.
  • Attach Shower Hooks In Your Closet: You don’t have to stack bulky items on the floor of your closet. A shower curtain hook will support more weight than flimsy hangers. You can hang purses, hefty bags of clothes, and even your shoes.
  • Store Items Out In The Open: As simple as it sounds, you can use large storage containers as furniture for your apartment. A stack of fabric storage boxes doubles as a nightstand or a coffee table.

When it’s time to move, you can always call the packing experts at West Side Movers. They carry a huge assortment of packing supplies including tape, boxes, and bubble wrap. For the best moving services in Manhattan, call West Side Movers at (212) 874-3800 or visit their website for more information.