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A Guide to Cleaning Door Handles & Light Switches November 16, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
A Guide to Cleaning Door Handles & Light Switches, ,

Eliminating bacteria during house cleaning is an ongoing battle. Some common hiding areas include door handles and light switches. Here’s how to ensure these spots stay clean so that they don’t spread germs to your family.

How to Clean Door Handles & Light Switches

How Often to Clean

You may be surprised to find bathroom light switches hold more bacteria than bathroom doorknobs and the toilet seat. These fixtures are known to host fecal bacteria, E. coli, staph, and others that can make family members sick. It’s wise to clean these at least once a week.

Doorknobs and handles host E. coli, fungal infections, viral infections, and more. The flu virus and common cold can also survive for weeks on these fixtures. Clean these at least twice a week.

The average person uses the bathroom up to 10 times each day. That means touching the light switch and doorknob at least 20 times when turning it on and off or opening and closing the door. Connect this with all the other switches and handles in your home, and you’ll see how bacteria collect and spread so quickly.

How to Clean

house cleaningThese fixtures can be hard to clean around, so purchase spray products designed for house cleaning. First, wipe visible grime with a microfiber cloth.

Next, apply the spray disinfectant. This product ensures you reach all the tough angles and crevices.

Allow it to sit for several minutes to ensure all the bacteria are killed. Wipe away the solution and let the switch or handle airdry.

As an alternative, use disinfecting wipes. Avoid harsh cleaners or scrubbing with coarse brushes since these will strip the finish.


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