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5 Tips for Taking Care of Contact Lenses November 16, 2020

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
5 Tips for Taking Care of Contact Lenses, Brooklyn, New York

By taking care of your contact lenses, you’re protecting your eyes. Poorly-maintained lenses harbor germs and bacteria that can cause eye infections or feature particles that result in eye irritation and pain. If you are new to wearing contacts, here’s how to keep them clean and in excellent condition.

How to Maintain Your Contact Lenses

1. Wash Your Hands

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before putting your contacts in or taking them out. Use lotion-free soap to avoid residue that can end up in your eyes or on the lenses.

Never handle contacts with dirty hands to avoid transmitting bacteria and germs to your eyes. Use your fingertips to gently pinch the lenses at the bottom for removal. Do not use your fingernails or tweezers to prevent eye injuries.

2. Follow Cleaning Instructions

contact lensesClean each contact after removal by applying a small amount of lens cleaning solution and rubbing the lens gently with your index finger. Follow the solution manufacturer instructions regarding cleaning time, though it is usually a few seconds. Place the lenses in a clean, dry case to prevent bacteria buildup problems.

3. Store Safely

Store the case in a safe spot such as the medicine cabinet, where there’s no risk of it falling in the trash or on the floor. Always leave the caps off so that the case can fully air dry to prevent bacteria growth.

Use a new lens case every 30 days to avoid bacteria and germ accumulations. If the case sustains damage for any reason, replace it immediately to avoid leaks and dry contact lenses.

4. Disinfect Properly

Apply a lens cleaning solution only for cleaning and disinfecting. Rewetting drops and saline solution do not clean contact lenses and should be used for rinsing exclusively. Do not use a DIY saline solution or saliva to clean contact lenses to prevent scratches and contamination.

5. Apply Makeup Carefully

Put your contacts in before applying makeup and take them out before washing your face. Inserting contacts with makeup on can cause eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow particles to fall onto the lenses, resulting in blurriness and irritation. Washing your face with your lenses in risks damage from face wash or makeup. 


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