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Understanding/using the Healing Power of Nature November 4, 2020

Midtown East, Manhattan
Understanding/using the Healing Power of Nature, Manhattan, New York

This one will be quite a winter!  There’s a reason wellness destinations offer all kinds of outdoor excursions, from hiking to scuba diving. Spending time in the fresh air can benefit both the mind and body. If you work in the health care field and are experiencing burnout, here’s what you should know about harnessing the healing power of nature. 

Why Being Outside Is Beneficial

Spending time outside can contribute to both physical health and mental wellbeing. For example, one study revealed that spending just 20 minutes outside can reduce stress. Another indicated that tree coverage could combat depression.

As for the physical benefits, outdoor activities can increase energy levels and boost the immune system. Also, getting regular exercise — even low-intensity activities like walking or doing yoga — can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and some kinds of cancer. It can also strengthen your musculoskeletal system, which is essential for maintaining mobility as you age. 

How to Spend More Time in Nature Without Hurting Productivity 

Getting out in nature is rarely a priority for busy clinicians. This is especially true now, with the pandemic forcing providers to work more than ever. As long as you’re treating patients remotely, though, why not head to a wellness destination in the Caribbean? 

Relocating to a resort will make it easy to spend time outside every day without cutting into your busy schedule. For example, you can do yoga on the beach in the morning before clocking in or go for a hike in the early evening after your appointments are made. For days when you’re feeling especially stressed, you can take advantage of perks like massage therapy in the comfort of your suite. 

Clinicians from around the US turn to Metro Collaborative™ when they’re feeling overwhelmed. This health and wellness group hosts online courses and retreats at Villa Serena, a practical wellness destination in the Dominican Republic. Catering to those wanting health, they offer all the amenities you need to remain productive in addition to all kinds of breathtaking outdoor excursions. To learn more about their retreats, visit their website. To reserve your home away from home at their wellness destination, call (609) 876-9163. 

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