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3 Fantastic Benefits of Dentures November 21, 2020

Columbia Falls, Flathead
3 Fantastic Benefits of Dentures, Columbia Falls, Montana

Dentures are among the solutions to missing teeth, a dental issue that does more than impact your smile. The resulting gaps cause other teeth to shift and become misaligned, which increases the risk of tooth decay because crooked teeth are harder to clean. Speaking and eating issues are also expected from missing teeth. If you’re considering full or partial dentures to maintain a healthy grin, review the benefits you’ll enjoy here.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

1. They Provide Facial Structure Support & Boost Self-Confidence

Without teeth, the cheeks start to sag, creating a sunken, hollow look. Dentures restore the facial structure to avoid this issue and the problems it can cause, such as poor self-esteem. Many users cite improvements in self-confidence after wearing the prosthetic teeth because they no longer feel extra conscious of their appearance. Higher self-esteem offers benefits such as improved self-awareness, happiness, resilience, and healthier relationships.

2. They Eliminate Speaking & Eating Problems

denturesMissing teeth can cause self-esteem issues not only because of the appearance problems they create but also because of speaking and eating difficulties. Dentures allow you to speak with confidence once more and eat whatever you want. Today’s dental prosthetics are stronger than ever and capable of withstanding force from chewing solid foods. Fewer eating issues makes it easy to enjoy a broader range of nutrient-dense food for a healthier body and mind.

3. They’re Easy to Use & Affordable

After getting fitted for dentures, there’s no long process involved, unlike dental implants that take up to six months to complete. Clean the prosthetics daily using a special toothpaste-like cleanser and keep them in water overnight to avoid warping issues. Put them back in the following morning to start your day. Dentures are also among the most affordable tooth replacement options and last years with the right care, making them cost-effective.


If you think dentures might be a good option for you, contact Flathead Denture in Columbia Falls, MT. Serving the Flathead Valley area since 2012, the clinic offers painless solutions to missing teeth, accepts most insurance plans, and provides interest-free financing for patients without dental coverage. Call (406) 892-0700 to make an appointment, or learn more about their services online.

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