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3 Tips For Locating Your Septic Tank November 21, 2020

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3 Tips For Locating Your Septic Tank, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

From sinks and toilets to washing machines, your household relies on water for a variety of tasks and chores. It’s the septic tank’s job to get rid of wastewater safely. If there’s a backup, you’ll want to know where this important system is located for professional septic repairs. Here are several tips to easily and quickly find the right spot.

How to Locate Your Septic Tank

1. View Building Diagrams

Your county’s permit office will contain property records. Within these documents are as-built diagrams that typically show exactly where a septic tank is located on your home’s grounds. You should be able to mark the tank’s location on the diagram and trace the distance from the house to the tank. This will help when you need to schedule septic repairs for a burst pipe or if there’s a clog somewhere down the line. 

2. Locate the Sewer Pipes

septic repairsMost homes have a sewer pipe that starts on one side of the house and extends to the septic tank. It may be located in a crawl space underneath your house or in the basement, and it should be about 4 to 5 inches in diameter. Check to see where the pipe exits the space, and follow it along your perimeter to your septic tank. Septic repair specialists will typically follow the pipe at least 5 to 25 feet out to find the septic tank.

3. Get Neighbor Feedback

Let your next-door neighbor know you’re trying to find your home’s septic tank. If they’re long-time residents of the neighborhood, they may be able to tell you where their tank is located. This will give you a better idea of where yours is since most neighborhoods will have septic tanks that are installed in similar spots. When every home has a septic tank in a similar location, it is easier for them to be accessed and drained during septic repairs and services.


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