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3 Types of Roof Shingles November 21, 2020

Rankin Area, Gilmer
 3 Types of Roof Shingles, Gilmer, North Carolina

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home and improving its curb appeal. There is a large selection of materials to explore and understanding the benefits of each will ensure you purchase the right option. The following is a helpful guide you can use alongside input from your roofing contractor.

Your Guide to Roof Shingles

1. Asphalt

Asphalt shingles are the most recognizable material. Their light weight makes roof installation easy because it won't stress the framing beneath. They come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and textures. This versatile material includes additive layers for fire- and waterproofing and UV-reflective coatings. These eco-efficient upgrades ensure they reach their expected 20- to 30-year lifespan.

They are less durable than some materials and may buckle, crack, or warp over time. Luckily, repairs are easy—have a roofing contractor replace the damaged shingles.

2. Metal

roofing contractorMetal shingles are made of copper, aluminum, and steel. They’re one of the most eco-efficient materials because they reflect UV-rays to reduce cooling costs. They’re rot- and fire-resistant, lightweight, and can even be installed over existing roofing materials—a great way to save money when remodeling.

This material lasts up to 70 years with proper care thanks to its durability. Some homeowners report that they’re loud during rainstorms. If you’re concerned, ask your roofing contractor about installing an insulation barrier below the shingles to help with soundproofing.

3. Wood, Slate & Clay

These three materials are considered luxury products. They have the highest price-tags; however, their unique beauty and benefits are worth the cost. Slate, while heavier than other materials, can last over a decade. It’s water- and dent-resistant and comes in distinct gray, black, and red shingles.

Cedar and redwood shakes are more affordable and energy-efficient, though they face specific risks. They catch fire more easily, are prone to rot and mold growth, and termites. Luckily, all these problems are preventable with regular cleaning and sealing.

Clay shingles are an excellent insulator and reflect sunlight well. Like slate, they’re a heavy material and are not cheap. They do last longer than wood—roughly 40–50 years—and are non-combustible.


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