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Will Bankruptcy Discharge Court Judgments? October 19, 2020

Groton, New London
Will Bankruptcy Discharge Court Judgments?, Groton, Connecticut

Whether or not one can discharge a debt through bankruptcy, once it has gone to a final judgment in Court, is a common question.  Some people mistakenly assume that that they can’t discharge a debt after it has gone to Court and  judgment is obtained.  This is a misconception.  Court judgments for consumer debts are in fact dischargeable.  Not only that, if a creditor obtains a judgment in court and then files a wage garnishment or places a lien on a debtor’s real estate, the wage garnishment immediately ceases, and a motion can also be made in the bankruptcy court to remove the lien filed on your home and thereby extinguish the debt entirely.  If you need more information on the powerful tools one can use in bankruptcy, please feel free to call Attorney Mark O. Grater in Groton, CT, at 860-44-98059 representing Southeast Connecticut.

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