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3 VoIP Features That'll Improve Your Business November 19, 2020

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3 VoIP Features That'll Improve Your Business, ,

Many modern businesses use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services, which allows them to send and receive phone calls via an internet connection. Not only is this system reliable and easily scalable, but it also offers a wide range of features that'll make your business more organized and professional. Here are just a few examples.

Why Should You Choose VoIP?

1. Call Recording

Having a recording of all phone conversations will help your company's recordkeeping. This is important when making business arrangements or holding meetings over the phone, as you'll have a report of precisely what was said. A recorded call can also be proof of a contract and an excellent training tool, as you can use it to monitor employee performance or illustrate best practices.

2. Auto Attendant & Call Forwarding

VoIPWhen you call a company and hear a menu of options, that's the auto attendant. This service allows you to set up your company with a single phone number that can reach a wide range of departments and representatives. This way, you can ensure customers rarely get busy signals and make it easy for them to reach the right people without learning multiple phone numbers. The same system that forwards calls from one department to another can also forward to phones outside the system, such as your home or cell phone, so you never miss a customer call.

3. Do Not Disturb & Screening

If you've ever had your phone ring during a meeting, you understand the importance of Do Not Disturb. This feature allows you to turn the ringer off and redirect calls to other representatives, so a call from one client will never interrupt a meeting with another. You can also set the VoIP phone up to display caller ID and let you screen and redirect calls without picking up, giving you greater control over your time and helping you increase productivity.


If you’re ready for VoIP system setup, contact OhmComm. Based in Philadelphia, PA, and serving the Mid-Atlantic region since 1996, they’re a trusted name in wireless internet and business technology solutions, serving as a one-stop-shop. They’re also Minority Business Certified and part of BOMA, and they even offer HIPAA-compliant solutions. To get started, call (215) 467-1444 or review their services online.

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