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Wigs: A Little About Their Fascinating History December 28, 2015

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Wigs: A Little About Their Fascinating History, Los Angeles, California

Think wigs are a relatively new product? Think again. Wigs have been in use for thousands of years as the ultimate fashion accessory, with the first evidence found on an ivory carving of a woman’s head in southwestern France some 100,000 years ago. Their use has since expanded to include wigs for cancer and alopecia patients, though many still wear them simply for style reasons.

The Milano Collection in Los Angeles, CA, and in Brooklyn, NY specializes in natural hair wigs in all varieties of styles and colors, allowing the wearer to enjoy a full head of beautiful tresses. Milano specialty is the custom service they provide making each wig look like a one of a kind hairstyle.

Check out a little on the history of wigs before stopping by the premier Los Angeles shop:

Ancient Egyptians: Wigs were very popular among the ancient Egyptians, who shaved or cut their hair in reaction to the hot desert environment. Those who had the funds shielded their heads from the sun with wigs made of human hair, palm leaf fiber, or sheep’s wool mounted to porous fabric.

Imperial Rome: Blonde and red-haired wigs made from the hairs of German prisoners were popular among women in Imperial Rome. Caesar hid his baldness with a wig and a laurel wreath, while Nero and Hannibal used wigs to disguise themselves.

  • WigsElizabethan Age: Wigs gained serious popularity during the 16th century. English women dyed theirs red and blonde to imitate Elizabeth I. The Virgin Queen was said to own more than 100 wigs.
    Restoration: By the time of the Restoration in 1660, “periwigs” were the fashion as per Charles II, who came from the French court. In 1665 fashionable men wouldn't step out without them. As the century drew to a close, wigs became more outlandish and included dressings with perfume and powder.
    It wasn’t until the 19th century that men stopped wearing wigs and started wearing their hair short. In today’s world, toupees are still widely used, as are hair extensions to make strands appear thicker and fuller. Celebrities are especially well-known for their wigs, hair extensions, and falls.
    If you're in the market for natural hair wigs and hair extensions, be sure to check out the Milano Collection in LA and Brooklyn. The company is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality hair products and custom colors.
    For more on natural hair wigs, wigs for cancer or alopecia, and other services available through the Milano Collection, please call (323) 657-9447 or visit their website today.
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