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Pest Control for Rochester October 16, 2020

Rochester, Monroe County
Pest Control for Rochester, ,

What makes Rochester Pest Pro different from most pest control companies? We believe that it’s important to localize your pest control. There’s a reason we stay local to the Rochester area—because our clients keep referring us to their friends, family, and business network. Season after season, we prove that we know Rochester and the surrounding areas like the backs of our hands. Even though our clients are always happy to see us, we want to make sure that doesn’t have to happen very often.

Why is it important to localize your pest control? Every region has its own biome that determines the kind of pests to be found in that area season by season. Here are some things we account for when performing pest control services in Rochester, NY:

  • Climate. Local exterminators have to consider; are the summers wet or dry? Are the winters long or short? Are the snows heavy? Is the area prone to floods or droughts
  • Topography. Are there major lakes nearby, like Lake Ontario? Rivers, like the Genesee? Mountains? Flood plains? Forests?
  • Population and its habits. When providing urban pest control services for Rochester, it’s important to be aware of the area’s mix of industrialization and agrarian areas, plus higher population density areas versus suburbs.

What kind of pests are we prepared for this winter?

Mice and Rats

Rochester has long, cold winters, and rodents would love to eat, nest, and breed in your basements, crawl spaces, decks, attics, etc. Mice do not hibernate and will be more active inside structures that provide warmth, safety, and food. Rats usually prefer outdoor spaces, like our vehicles, sheds, machinery, and storage spaces.

Call us immediately if you see chew marks, feces, and spoiled food. Don’t pursue or handle them yourself; they can bite and spread disease, and may also have fleas.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs get worse before they get better. They have been a widespread issue in the United States since the 90’s. When the temperatures begin to cool, they make themselves at home in crevices in our walls, furniture, and attics. When we turn the heat on, they leave their hiding places to emerge into our homes and businesses. They can be safely vacuumed up and disposed of, but if you’ve been bothered by stink bugs before, call us now for an exterior spray to keep them from entering.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelders may not bite or sting, but they’re annoying and make your home and office feel and appear unkempt. Like stink bugs, they hide in structures and come out when the weather warms or you turn the heat on. They also have an unpleasant odor and produce orange feces that can stain materials like wallpaper. They can also be safely vacuumed up, and we can provide an exterior spray that will prevent them from entering.


Bats are a wonderful part of our local ecosystem and should be protected. However, they should not live in our attics, chimneys, and eaves. If you hear flapping, scratching noises in your attic or around your roof, or see bats around your structure at dawn and dusk, contact Rochester Pest Pro. We move them safely and discourage them from coming back.

There are safe ways to have bats as neighbors. If you have a hollow tree on your property that is not a hazard, consider letting it be a bat mansion. You can also build or buy a bat house to attach high on a tree or outer wall.

Bed Bug

Bed bugs conceal themselves inside the furniture and bedding where we rest and come out to bite and feed on our blood. This causes itchy, painful bumps on the skin, and they can transmit the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease. Bed bugs have become immune to many treatments on the market, which is why it is important to consult a professional exterminator.

Rochester’s Pest Pros

We love our city, which is why we’ve gotten to know it so well. We wanted to offer the best pest control services for Rochester to keep us all healthier and happier. Stay safe, and make sure to put away your food, cover your garbage, and seal up entry points to prevent pest problems before they start.

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