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3 Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement November 20, 2020

Rush, Monroe
3 Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement, Rush, New York

Toilets are some of the most frequently used fixtures in a home. Since it’s critical to keep them in working order, you’ll need a plumber to replace them when they reach the end of their life span. While most fixtures last up to 50 years, they may need replacement sooner due to wear and tear. This overview discusses some of the signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

How to Tell if You Need a New Toilet

1. Frequent Problems 

Toilets have a lot of moving parts that work together to flush, including the valves, hoses, and lever. As these parts age, they can produce a weaker flushing action. That’s why it’s common for older toilets to frequently clog.

If you need to call a plumber for repairs several times a year, the fixture is probably outdated. In this case, you might also experience frequent clogs and notice that the fixture can’t push out even small amounts of paper. New toilets are less likely to clog and help you save money on maintenance in the long term.

2. Damaged Porcelain 

plumberWhen your toilet gets scratched up after years of use, it becomes tougher to clean. Dirt, debris, and dust get embedded in the cracks, leading to permanent marks.

Cracks in the tank, bowl, and stand are not only unsightly and unsanitary, but also increase the risk of leakage. Porcelain can’t be repaired, so damage typically warrants full replacement.

3. High Water Bills

The average water bill in New York state is just over $70. While the cost can fluctuate based on household size, it should remain somewhat constant throughout the year. If your toilets are inefficient, they may drive up your expenses.

New toilets are designed to use water efficiently, reducing your water usage and saving money. Many models even have dual-flush settings that let you choose how much water to use based on what’s being flushed. Upgrading to a modern fixture benefits your wallet and the environment. 


If you want to have a toilet installed, turn to Miller Plumbing Inc. Based in Rush, NY, these plumbers have served Monroe, Livingston, and Ontario counties since 1969. They offer senior discounts and a 1-year warranty on labor to help you secure affordable service. Learn more about their work online, or schedule an appointment by calling (585) 533-1404. 

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