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Angled vs. Straight Parking Spaces for Hospitals November 16, 2020

College Point, Queens
Angled vs. Straight Parking Spaces for Hospitals, Queens, New York

Hospitals require efficient parking lots to maximize visitor capacity and increase safety. People come and go at all hours, and accessibility is also essential for visitors with mobility limitations. When planning your lot, consider whether angled or straight spaces are best for the facility. While your paving contractor will help you determine this, here’s a brief guide to inform your conversation.

Straight Parking Spots

Straight spaces are easy to organize in a large area and allow drivers to approach and park from either direction. This setup opens up lanes and may prevent backups because cars can move in and out simultaneously. Two-way flow is ideal for emergency centers where visitors may be in a hurry.

This option is also ideal for accommodating accessible parking spots. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, accessible spaces must be at least 96 inches wide and include 60-inch access aisles. These requirements are easy to meet with straight spaces.

Increased traffic, however, can lead to more accidents, so ensure directional markers are clearly painted to guide drivers. The straight grid system also takes up more square footage, which is why it’s generally only recommended for large parking lots.

Angled Parking Spots

parking lotAngled spaces are laid out at 60- or 45-degree slants. You can fit more angled spaces into an area because there’s no two-way traffic, as cars can only enter slanted spots from one direction. This feature is ideal for hospitals in metropolitan areas because parking lot size can be limited.

One-way lanes reduce the potential for accidents. The angled design also prevents cars from blocking each other in. However, since one-way flow can create more backups, consider how much traffic you anticipate to receive. It may be best to use angled spots in visitor areas where you know guests won’t be in as much of a hurry. Use straight spaces for accessible spots and those near entrances and dropoff areas where traffic is constant.


If you’re developing a hospital, contact Grey-Ruso Construction of College Point, NY, for your paving needs. They’re backed by 35 years of experience and serve clients throughout the five boroughs. They create both asphalt and concrete parking lots. Explore the full scope of their services on their website, or call (718) 358-1836 to discuss a project.

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