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Develop Your Frame of Mind with Metropolitan Graphics October 31, 2013

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Develop Your Frame of Mind with Metropolitan Graphics, Manhattan, New York

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but just think how much more it could be worth with the right frame.

In its simplest capacity, a frame provides necessary protection of pictures and keepsakes that are dear to us. Aside from protecting your picture, frames can also present a golden opportunity to showcase a moment captured in still memory, or add an ambiant feel to a room by blending in. When it comes to choosing a frame, however, there are several approaches that can be taken.

Since its inception, frames have always added a decorative element to the settings they are featured in, and depending on whether you want your picture to be bold and funky or calm and thought provoking, it all depends on the frame. In most cases, the frame actually sets the tone for the picture it surrounds, so it is important to ask yourself: do I want the picture to blend in or stand out?

Once you've answered this question, the process of choosing the right frame can begin atMetropolitan Graphic Art Gallery.

If you are seeking a frame that adds character to your room, but fits into a theme that you've already prepared, then you should choose a frame that blends into its surroundings. Traditional gold frames, or light wooded frames would be a great addition to any home or office's existing decor. In this circumstance, the picture is not meant to be noticed for it individuality, but is appreciated for its quality in enhancing the room as a whole. Portraits, landscapes and still life pieces are great for blend in framing techniques.

Yet, if you have a piece of your favorite pop art, or an abstract piece with bold hues and a lively concept, you may want chose a different approach and have the picture stand out. Your wall color, furniture and color schemes also play an important role and with the right vision, you can utilize complementary colors and patterns to customize your frame, making it really pop! Frames that consist of a bold black shade trimmed with gold, dark woods, and detailed reoccuring patterns add value to pictures and paintings that allow them to create an identity that stands out in any room. Under this approach, the picture within the frame will certainly be noticed and closely observed.

Regardless of the function you want for your frame, Metropolitan Graphic Art Galleryoffers one of the largest selection of custom frames for both introverts and extroverts. Professional framing experts will be sure that your customized frame serves the precise function you've decided on, with a look that you enjoy for years to come. The gallery also offers delivery services and installation for convenience, but if you're in the mood to cruise on by, stop by the gallery and take your pick.

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