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3 Steps to Take for SR-22 Insurance October 19, 2020

Foley, Baldwin
3 Steps to Take for SR-22 Insurance, Foley, Alabama

Your driving record heavily impacts your auto insurance eligibility and premium rates. A DUI, at-fault accident, or suspended license may result in a court order to acquire an SR-22 insurance certificate. This filing ensures you’re able to secure coverage once your license is reinstated. Here are the essential steps to follow to make sure you’re insured and avoid violations.

How to Secure SR-22 Auto Insurance

1. Comply With Charges

The first step in fixing your driving record and receiving SR-22 insurance is to comply with your charges. Pay outstanding fines, attend court for a DUI hearing, or address personal injury lawsuits and other filings if you caused an accident.

If your license was suspended, attend any classes you’re required to take. Abiding by the law ensures no new offenses arise that could affect your insurance eligibility and coverage.

2. Request an SR-22 Filing

SR-22 isn’t insurance coverage. Instead, the insurance company will file with the state for an SR-22 certificate. An agent will then verify that the certificate matches the outstanding charges associated with traffic violations or a suspended license. They can use this certificate to secure a policy through insurance companies that cover high-risk drivers.

SR-22 insuranceOnce filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the certificate proves you’ve worked with an agent to secure insurance coverage and, if relevant, that your license has been reinstated. For serious offenses, you may have to prove to a judge why you need your driving privileges back, such as a job or child care necessities.

You’ll need to secure SR-22 insurance even if you don’t own a vehicle. You’re legally required to carry liability coverage for any car you’re driving, regardless of whether you own it.

3. Rebuild Your Record

SR-22 insurance is issued for a term with a three-year minimum. During this time, you’ll improve your record with safe driving. This proves you're no longer a high-risk driver, and once your term is up, you can secure standard auto coverage at competitive rates.

However, subsequent driving offenses or a failure to pay your monthly insurance bill could result in new charges. Your SR-22 term may also reset, and in the case of serious charges, your license could be suspended again.


If you need assistance securing SR-22 insurance coverage, contact Southern Insurance AL. Based in Foley, this family-owned agency offers a variety of convenient policies. An agent will carefully walk you through their plans to find the best options for your motorcycle, boat, RV, or auto insurance policy. Schedule a detailed quote by calling (251) 943-3340. To learn more about SR-22, visit their website.

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