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A Guide to Lawn Aeration in the Fall October 17, 2020

Fenton, St. Louis County
A Guide to Lawn Aeration in the Fall, Fenton, Missouri

Even though the weather is getting cooler, lawn care is still vital for your property. One step that will keep your grass in top shape and healthy is aeration. The following is a guide to the process and why your lawn will benefit from it this fall.

What Is Aeration?

Aeration entails removing small plugs of soil and thatch to help the natural air exchange process between the ground and the atmosphere. When soil gets compacted, air, water, and fertilizer have a tougher time penetrating and helping the roots stay healthy and strong. Aerating the soil breaks up the ground so that the elements have an easier time reaching their destination.

Activity ranging from regular foot traffic to construction projects can lead to compaction. As necessary as it is, even irrigation can be a culprit, particularly in heavy clay soils. A device called an aerator is an efficient way to remove the necessary plugs. Core aerators can remove ¼ to ¾ inch plugs while spiking versions create lines without removing any soil. There are also slicing options that cut through the ground to form gaps where water and air can seep in.

Benefits of Aeration

aerationAir is vital for your lawn’s health, and aeration ensures that the ground has plenty circulating. It also allows irrigation to soak deep into the ground to hydrate the roots while puddles and runoff are reduced. Fertilizer absorption increases as thatch accumulations lessen. Because regularly aerating stops compaction, the grass is stronger, which means it is more durable in any weather and can tolerate the stress of heat and drought conditions.

Why Aerate in Fall?

Aerating in moderate seasons like the fall promotes strong roots and better growth during peak green seasons like spring and summer. The stronger the roots, the more likely your lawn will survive winter’s frost as well. Because the fall ground is still warm, it is easy to move, making aerating simple to perform. The cooler temperatures ensure there is no chance of heat stress, and the underground root systems take hold more effectively to remain strong until temperatures rise again. Fall is also a good time to overseed grass and fill in bare areas of your lawn.


This fall, call Going Green Lawn Services LLC to schedule your aeration and lawn care services. Located in Fenton, MO, and serving South, West, Jefferson, Franklin, Saint Clair, Monroe, and Madison counties and the St. Louis metro area since 1999, the company provides a range of services for your property, from lawn mowing to tree care. Licensed and state-certified, their professional team always keeps their appointments so that you have reliable, efficient service. Call (636) 388-2883 for an estimate, or visit them online for more on their options.

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