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How Internet of Things Advances Today’s Security Solutions December 10, 2015

Shelton, Fairfield County
How Internet of Things Advances Today’s Security Solutions, Shelton, Connecticut

This is a portion of an article which appears in the December issue of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine.

From monitoring employees to food to everything in between, the Internet of Things enables today’s security solution providers to feature—and protect—it all in one remote system.

Protecting and managing your company’s products and employees is more than just requiring a sign-in sheet and installing “hidden” cameras in the corner of the manufacturing plant. Today’s trends and technologies center around the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables security solution providers to feature—and protect—employees, processes and food all in one remote system.


For its part, SecureRF Corp., Shelton, Conn., introduced LIME Tag NY01, which ensures onboard security and cold chain management via near field communication (NFC)-enabled devices. How it works is, the battery-assisted sensor tag delivers authentication, encryption and temperature logging, and can be used with the company’s Veridify mobile app and cloud-based dashboard to monitor chain-of-custody and logistics functions, deliver marketing offers or product updates, revoke/reinstate authentication status in the field or when shipment arrives, control expiration dates and collect results of scan such as location and user data.

“This solution enables the food industry to easily allow everyone in their distribution channel right down to their end customers to authenticate the product and monitor the temperature of their sensitive cargo using just their smartphones,” says Louis Parks, chief executive officer. “The authentication process does not require network or internet connectivity, specialized testing or laboratory facilities, thus making it easy to implement.”

SecureRF also developed the Algebraic Eraser Core, which allows other sensors and microcontroller manufacturers to add cryptogenic security functions to their own devices, adds Parks. What is said to be the world’s only linear-in-time algorithm, the Algebraic Eraser runs in linear time with respect to key length and employs non-linear operations to yield unprecedented security.

“Today’s food processors and distributors are facing a wide variety of challenges,” Parks says. “SecureRF’s solutions provide both cold chain management and authentication to address counterfeiting, fraud and product recalls.”

From monitoring employees to food to everything in between, IoT provides complete security and surveillance solutions to the cold food industry.

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