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Captivate Your Audience With These Three Acting Lessons From Arthur Reel Studio June 24, 2014

Westchester Village, Bronx
Captivate Your Audience With These Three Acting Lessons From Arthur Reel Studio, Bronx, New York

Acting and the art of performance runs deep throughout New York City. Talented artists looking for a way to refine their communication skills join the acting coaches at Arthur Reel Studio to learn the best way to present their ability to an audience. With public speaking courses and acting classes, many rising actors fall short expressing the proper emotion. Conveying romance can be a challenge and these expert acting coaches are here to help.

Here are a few basic acting lessons to help you deliver your next emotional scene:

  • Be in Character: Acting takes focus, which takes time to develop, particularly for new actors. Think about your character’s background, attitude, and relationship. Focus on getting to their perspective and their life before going on stage.
  • Body Language: While you may be saying one thing, your body language could be saying another. Subtle queues can make a big difference for both you and your co-star. Making eye contact with your romantic partner, soft touches, and comfort will set the right scene.
  • Direct & Intense: Many young actors make the mistake of thinking screaming or yelling is equal to being intense. However self-control and composure gives your character depth so when the climax does arrive, it is more powerful.

With the help of acting coaches from Arthur Reel Studio, you can find your performing voice and learn to communicate to your audience clearly during your next audition, performance, or rehearsal. Build your acting skill set and expand your performance ability with acting classes and public speaking classes from this New York City acting school. Call today (718) 822-1499 or (212) 595-1733 for more information.

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