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Perry's Bug Control Experts Tell You How to Identify a Termite December 28, 2015

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Perry's Bug Control Experts Tell You How to Identify a Termite, Perry, Georgia

Termites can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home before you realize that you have a problem. Although promptly identifying these insects will help you avoid costly repairs, it’s difficult to recognize termites if you’ve never seen one. The bug control experts at Bridges Termite & Pest Control explain a few features that distinguish termites from other pests. Since 1979, these exterminators have been providing in-home pest control services to Perry, GA residents.

Your first experience with a termite may occur when you see a swarm of winged bugs. If the bugs don’t look like ants with wings, they aren’t termites. The next step in the identification process involves determining if the bugs are flying ants or termites. Termites look very similar to flying ants, but there are a few key differences, including:

  • Wings: Both flying ants and termites have two sets of wings. If the bug you see is a termite, both sets of wings will be the same length. The front wings of a flying ant are much longer than the back wings. After termites swarm, they shed their wings. If you notice a pile of wings on a windowsill or near a light, you might have termites.
  • Waist: Flying ants have constricted waists, while termites have broad waists. It isn’t always easy to tell the difference between flying ants and termites, particularly if you only saw the bugs from a distance. The knowledgeable bug control technicians at Bridges Termite & Pest Control have treated countless homes for termites and can help you identify the pests in your home.


  • Antennae: The antennae of flying ants are long and bent at a 90 degree angle. Termite antennae are short, straight, and look like a series of beads strung together.

Regular termite inspections from Bridges Termite & Pest Control can put your mind at ease. Call them at (478) 987-1955 to schedule an inspection today. Whether you have termites or other bugs, you can count on the exterminators at Bridges Termite & Pest Control to rid your home of pests quickly and safely.  

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