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Enhance Your Well-Being & Fight Postpartum Depression With Mommy And Me Classes at Mama Ballroom December 30, 2014

Sudbury, Middlesex
Enhance Your Well-Being & Fight Postpartum Depression With Mommy And Me Classes at Mama Ballroom, Sudbury, Massachusetts

For every mom that’s had a child, and for expectant mothers looking forward to welcoming their first, there’s Mama Ballroom in Boston. No one understands the isolation and exhaustion that comes with having a child quite like a mom who has already been there, done that, and felt it all, which is why founder Monica revamped her class around encouraging moms to come together and bond. Sharing the experience of new motherhood with other moms—even just leaving the house!—has a profound effect upon the psyche. But why dance, specifically? Here, Mama Ballroom explains!

The dance, fitness, and workout studio offers a unique take on traditional mommy and me classes. In place of just sitting and playing on the floor, the classes are full of dance, life, and energy. The creative outlet of dance, whatever your background and/or level of skill, feeds the mind. During each class, new moms will have the opportunity to do something that feeds their mind and body – something very rare in a mom's day!

Some doctors have even recommended patients suffering from post-partum depression see a dance or movement therapist to help them work through it. Dance therapy is known to help clients interpret their own behaviors and “initiate a shift” in their physicality. States Katherine Stone for Postpartum Progress, “The process of bonding with a newborn is a very physical one. By simply encouraging the mother to hold her baby and rock with her, movement can begin a journey toward connection. The rocking rhythm is soothing to both the mother and the baby, and the closeness of touch can be healing for both as well.”

Furthermore, over the course of each mommy and me class, you’ll boost your mood through exercise, feel recharged, energized, and relieved of your stress. As you do this, you’ll also improve your cardio and strengthen your body’s core! So what are you waiting for? From personal fitness to combatting postpartum depression, there’s every reason to try dance classes at Mama Ballroom. Learn more about all of the mommy and me fitness classes available to you by visiting Mama Ballroomonline. With questions about workout gear, safety, and bringing babies to class (newborns through 18-month-olds are ideal!), call (617) 431-6393 today.

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