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3 Unique Ways to Use Fabric Scraps  October 5, 2020

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3 Unique Ways to Use Fabric Scraps , ,

After completing a few projects with your sewing machine, you’re bound to end up with some fabric scraps. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to create unique accessories and decorations. Combine your favorite colors and patterns with the following ideas. 

How to Use Your Fabric Scraps

1. Mouse Pad

Create a personalized mousepad by sewing fabric scraps around a piece of non-slip shelf liner. You can choose a simple shape like a square or circle for a traditional style, or cut the liner into a star or heart for a more unique look. Make sure the surface area is large enough to move your mouse around comfortably. 

Black, white, or grey fabric scraps make excellent mousepads for a traditional office, while brighter colors like lime green, pink, or sky blue will look great in a colorful bedroom. Mix and match colors and patterns for a patchwork look that’ll bring some life to a dull workspace. 

2. Flip-Flop Covers 

sewing machineWant to update your flip-flops without spending money on a new pair? Just cut off the straps, apply some fabric glue to the surface, and press on a scrap that features a color or pattern you love.

Once the glue has dried, cut off the excess fabric, and make new straps using ribbon. This project is perfect for those thin scraps that you can’t use otherwise. 

3. Cell Phone Wallet

If you often leave the house with only your cell phone and a few cards, consider using your sewing machine to make a customized cell phone wallet. You can even add a zippered coin pocket for extra convenience.

Black and white scraps will give your phone a sleek, elegant feel, while bolder colors will allow you to express your fun style wherever you go. Make sure to make the pockets snug enough so that your ID and credit cards don’t fall out.


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