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Where Should You Put Skylights In Your Home? October 7, 2020

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Where Should You Put Skylights In Your Home?, Newark, Ohio

Skylights offer several practical and aesthetic perks for indoor areas. They increase the amount of natural light, promote ventilation, and make cramped areas look more spacious. However, strategic placement of these windows is key to maximizing their function and enjoying their many benefits. Here’s where you should consider installing skylights in your home.

4 Ideal Places for Skylights

1. Bedrooms

Skylights in bedrooms can help you regulate your sleep schedule.  In the mornings, they allow the first rays of sunshine into the space, stimulating brain activity, and making you feel more energized. If you want to block out light during the day, motorized skylight blinds allow you to do so with the push of a button. Additionally, these windows provide you with natural light without compromising privacy while sleeping or getting ready for the day. 

2. Attic

When you convert your attic to a game room or exercise area, you’ll spend money on installing ceiling lights to help keep the room lit. Keep costs to a minimum by lighting the space naturally. Skylights prevent you from using electricity on artificial lighting, which saves on monthly energy bills. You can also install them into the pitched roofs of attics since these windows do not require walls. 

3. Bathrooms

skylightsVentilation is crucial for removing foul odors and excess humidity from bathrooms. They allow light and warmth from the sun into the space, which dries up excess moisture and prevents the buildup of mold and mildew. Vented skylights open electrically or manually to release heat and humidity. 

4. Kitchen

Skylights save wall space in kitchens, allowing you to install shelves and cabinetry for increased storage. Natural light will help you see clearly while using sharp knives and hot stoves for meal preparation, potentially preventing accidents. Vented skylights open to release smoky odors from ovens and keep the space smelling fresh.


When you need to install or replace old or damaged skylights, get in touch with The Glass Guru of Newark. They provide window replacements, restorations, and repairs to homes and businesses throughout Newark, OH. Call (330) 467-5318 to get an estimate on new glass windows for your space, and visit the website to learn more about how they can improve your doors, mirrors, and shower enclosures. 

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